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46 4 Untrained Gacha Happy BanG Dream Cards

46 4 Untrained Gacha Happy BanG Dream Cards


Just a 2* arisa, wasn't expecting much from a solo.

Bandori Party on Twitter: "🇯🇵 Here's the new title screen in anticipation of Hello, Happy World! 🥁's 2nd band story! Looks like they're living up to ...

46 | 4☆ 白鷺 千聖 Trained (Gacha | Happy)

46 | 4☆ 丸山 彩 Trained (Gacha | Happy)

Forgot to take a screenshot cause I'm stupid but this was the only new card, I also got a dup of a 3* Yukina. I honestly like the costume of wonderland ...

Number Five: The 6th Afterglow

The BanG Dream!

The BanG Dream!

The BanG Dream!

43 | 4☆ 今井 リサ Untrained (Gacha | Happy) Trails Of Cold Steel

The BanG Dream!

The BanG Dream!

43 | 4☆ 今井 リサ Trained (Gacha | Happy)

42 | 4☆ 羽沢 つぐみ Untrained (Gacha | Pure)

bang-dream.bushimo.jp #Roselia “Neo-Aspect” #バンドリ

41 | 4☆ 戸山 香澄 Untrained (Gacha | Happy)

Moca Aoba. ”

(JP) Bandori x Persona | Gorgeous Scarlet Stage | Calling Card! Evening Phantom Thieves | バンドリ! (BanG Dream!!) Amino

Ran Mitake. ”

Loading Screen Comic 24

(JP) Bandori x Persona | Gorgeous Scarlet Stage | Calling Card! Evening Phantom Thieves

Sanjigen-Animated BanG Dream! Idol Band Pastel*Palettes' New Music Video is

The untrained version of this card is so pretty, I love it!

Only initial Tsugumi, but that's not so bad, she's my favorite afterglow member so I'm happy to get any of her cards.

Tsugumi Hazawa. ”

New gacha is here ! . 4*Chisato 4*Kanon 2*Aya .

Loading Screen Comic 46

Loading Screen Comic 18

Not much to say except for the Chisato 3*, I really like that costume and I'll use it with my Juliet Chisato.

BanG Dream seasons 2 and 3 have been announced! Season 2 will be released January

46 | 4☆ 丸山 彩 Untrained (Gacha | Happy)

33 | 4☆ 北沢 はぐみ 「教えてあげる!」 (Trained)

New Gacha JP: 7.77 Million Players Dream Festival + Mysterious Halloween Night • Cards included

45 | 4☆ 瀬田 薫 Untrained (Gacha | Power)

Loading Screen Comic 32

(JP) Bandori x Persona | Gorgeous Scarlet Stage | Calling Card! Evening Phantom Thieves | バンドリ! (BanG Dream!!) Amino

[Android/iOS][JPN/EN] BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

There will also be a chibi anime series released called BanG Dream! Garupa☆PICO

#bangdreamgirlsbandparty #bangdream #

Good morning , bang dream fans !!! 《#anime #animegirl #waifu


Cutie~ - - - Dt- Maya stans Character(s)- Maya Song- If you seek Amy by Britany Spears Ac- @ // keya.edits - - - Program- VS & CCP Time Taken- 46 Minutes ...

Oh my god, I finally got some non-dupe 3* #bandori #

Bandori Party

Scrap I tried to finish this correctly but I sort of lost interest Anywho I love

New Event JP: Trick or Escape! • Cards in Event Chisato 3* (

One of my favorite bang dream events. The designs were soo cute. ( ˘

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Kanon Matsubara from BanG Dream! Loves shopping at publix - - (Requested by @

Loading Screen Comic 61

Love Live And BanG Dream ( @orangeclubsoda )

Hina and Maya

#bangdream #bandori #garupa #girlsbandparty #

a pair of happy lesbians!!! a joy to us all!

#hikawahina medias

Masuchi avatar

Kapan indonesia ada event kek gini 😥 . @ayasacream @kudo_a.k.a_910

#CoCo壱 #bangdream #バンドリ #ガルパ #pastelpallets #パスパレ #丸山 .

✨Pics aren't mine, credits to the artist✨ 🌸Artist: た

everybody say thank you pastel*palettes ready to spend all my stars for maya ac: @citric.revv dt: @teapibl bc chisato and @qoeii bc maya and @ksokie + ...

Today, May 11th, is Kanon's birthday! Happy birthday to our jellyfish-loving drummer of Hello, Happy World! We hope you have a lovely birthday, Kanon!

Loading Screen Comic 41

quick sketch of my best girl uvu

Yep, still the greatest collab Bandori ever had • • #bangdream #bangdreamgirlsbandparty #

This character is from a game called BanG

Is this heaven😇 or maybe the hell😈 ? Devilish Hina is cute as fuck

Afterglow's cover of “Imagination”, originally from the anime Haikyuu!!, is

For 4* Aya and Hina. #Cards

HhhhhHHHHHHHHhhhhhHHHHH! Oh dont mind me! Im just gonna leave this right here. (

My lesbians looking good👌 ~Eve💜 ° ° ° *°~tags~

happy birthday misaki !! you are such a cutie who i can sometimes relate a

Misaki youre awesome and no matter what you will be one of the best Haro Happy

Loading Screen Comic 23

[Android/iOS][JPN/EN] BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

Like two shadows ... 《#anime #animegirl #waifu #bandori #

Enfin fini, pour l'anniversaire de Okusawa Misaki (Bang Dream!) #

Have a Ran-tastic day !!🤗 《#anime #animegirl #waifu

Day 30: Fav Misaki card She just look so genuinely happy in this card both

HaroHapi Vocalis Character : Tsurumaki Kokoro Series : BanG Dream #hellohappyworld #bangdream #kokoro

(CLAIMED) Ran JP starter :: Comment for code ✨✨ #bandori #

Loading Screen Comic 5

i love my dumb purple lesbian @ onsta on tumblr #kaoruseta #kanonmatsubara #misakiokusawa

( @saayaticket )

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Когда нашел весь закос в шкафу, включая парик и линзы. У меня опять фиолетоволосая вайфу. Селфи на фоне совкового интерьера - моя жизнь.

My new wife 😍😍😍 《#anime #animegirl #waifu #bandori #

New bandori login screen ♡Cards looks amazing!! ° ° ° ° *°

See her cry when she sees Maya, and probably she dont have stars ;"

Juego: Bang Dream #hellohappyworld #bangdreamgirlsbandparty #bangdream #bandori #tsurumakikokoro #kaoruseta

Happy birthday, Lisa!! 🎂🎊 Thank you for always being beside Yukina's side

Only legends remember this.

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when can I get 4☆ again? 😢😭 - #bangdreamjp #bangdreamgame #


Damn my luck is no good, I got a duplicate 4* moca .

New Gacha (EN): One Night Magic • Cards in Gacha Kokoro 4*

📌𝐔𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞: → These are the limited 4* for the "Mysterious Halloween Night

Girls Band Party ! 🌟#repost #poppinparty #band #bangdream #bandori #

Day 20: Fav Eve card She looks cool in this one #bangdream #bandori