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A 16year old Volkssturm militia recruit from Middle Saxony poses

A 16year old Volkssturm militia recruit from Middle Saxony poses


A 16 year old Hitler Youth in the East Prussian Volkssturm

Volkssturm with Faustpatrone in the battle for Berlin

Berlin, Volksfront, 1944.

The British Army in North-west Europe 1944-45 BU2810 - Volkssturm - Wikipedia

Volkssturm Levy 1 training with an MG42, circa 10-11.1944. Early VS image

Both are wearing the Hitler Youth Badge of Honour (probably the basic version, though the "gold" version cannot be excluded on the basis of the ...

Latvian volunteer SS-Hauptsturmführer Miervaldis Ādamsons. Ādamsons of Latvian origin (but born in Russia), was accepted in the Waffen-SS…


An Allied soldier examines POW tags on two young German soldiers in Italy on 24 October 1944 | pin by Paolo Marzioli

A Wehrmacht officer accepts a Cossack into his unit. Such volunteers were not uncommon on the eastern front.

Hitlerjugend training with a Panzerfaust.

Members of the Hitler Youth who were conscripted to the Volkssturm in the defense of Berlin - april 1945

hanne-dobermann: “ Hands on dem hips ”

Generalleutnant Georg Ritter von Hengl decorates members of 146.Regiment, 2.Mountain Division

Young German soldier who was taken prisoner by US troops near Forbach, March 1945.

Sgt Maurice Parker of Fairfield, Maine, captured this young German officer and his first

Members of the Hitler Youth who were conscripted to the Volkssturm in the defense of Berlin - april 1945

Images Of War, History , WW2: VOLKSSTURM: 1945: Old Men And Boys Defend Berlin | P's kit | Pinterest | Wwii, Berlin and Military history

Volkssturm - East Prussia

volksturm 1945

Volkssturm...The rifle is a Karabiner 98b. Although the same overall of the WW1 Gewehr 98 (barrel lenght 740mm or 12,1"), this rifle was fitted with a ...

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Volkssturm, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Volkssturm soldiers.

Nazi boy soldier 16 years old Normandy 1944

1942. Сталингград. Немецкий артиллерист. Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo/Global Look

El alférez Ricardo Sanz con uniforme de Marcha en abril de 1942

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Two members of the "Großdeutschland" Division sit in a trench on the Lithuanian-Latvian border, Dobele, Latvia, August 1944. Laying on the edge of the ...

Bundesarchive Photos 1933 - all fields of WWII - Page 662

Portrait of a young Wehrmacht Unteroffizier, who was awarded both the Close Combat Clasp (German: Nahkampfspange) and the Eastern Front Medal, ...

Hitler - people of Germany - ideal

ETO History: Soldier stories from the European Theater of Operations

Battle of Berlin re-enactment

Polizei Berlin, Schutzpolizist, veröff. 1948

Reichsbahner in Uniform. Bahnschutz. 1939 | eBay

A young German paratrooper of the 3rd Parachute Division (German: “3. Fallschirmjäger-Division”) smiles as he surrenders to American troops of the 16th ...

Panzergrenadiers of the 12SS Hitler Jugend receive the Iron Cross Second Class at Ardenne Abbey June 12th 1944.

Cazacarros de la Volkssturman armado con un Panzerfaust

SS Panzer Grenadiers- by Chris Collingwood

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The Iron Cross 2nd Class for this young grenadier from the 12th SS-Hitlerjugend. He is wearing an Italian pattern camouflage cap and distinctive camouflaged ...

A Waffen-SS Unterscharführer. Russia,March 1943. Great portrait by SS-

1946:Polizei Berlin: Berliner Schutzpolizisten in ihren neuen Uniformen

Oberleutnant Hans Beißwenger (1916-1943), Ritterkreuz 09.05.1942 als Leutnant und

Assembly Unpainted Scale 1/35 -German R.A.D. Volkssturm 1945 soldier figure Historical WWII Resin

Voldemārs Veiss (right), the second-in-command for Lettische SS-Freiwilligen Brigade which will become Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (lettische Nr in ...

Ukrainian ""Let there be a growing friendship between the two brotherly nations! History in the re-making!

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Volkssturm – People's Militia

Volkssturm soldier prepares for the defense of Berlin, Germany.

Georg-Wilhelm Schulz (10 March 1906 – 5 July 1986)

Karl August Hanke, (24 August 1903 – 8 June 1945) was the last

Teenage German POWs captured east of the Rhine, 26 March 1945.

German POWs, captured in Tunisia, are all under the age of 25. The one without a hat was said to have told his Allied guards he'd just turned 20.

1945- Young German prisoner seemed glad to be captured as he and other members of his division were taken in Weywertz, Belgium, by U.S. Infantry Regiment, ...

F:Hitler Youth with panzerfaust. | Osprey Publishing 2 in 2018 | Pinterest | Wwii, Germany ww2 and Ww2 uniforms

A German Volkssturm soldier teaching a woman how to operate the Panzerfaust weapon, Germany, Mar 1945 Source German Federal Archive Identification Code Bild

orig. WK2 STERBEBILD - DEATH CARD - TK PANZER Regt. - Frankreich 1944

WW2 Color German Hitler Youth BDM girl in uniform flowers Bremerhaven apartment building garden

Volkssturm Jacket - Wehrmacht-Awards.com Militaria Forums

Freikorps Sauerland 1945 Volkssturm Shrek, World War, Ww2, German, Deutsch, German

Freikorps In Munich and Upper Silesia Volunteer, Selbstschutz Oberschlesien; Upper Silesia, May 1921 “ Typical of the many 'Self Defence' organizations ...

This poster, in Ukrainian, translates as: “Stand up to fight Bolshevism in the ranks of the Division Galizien”. This is a recruiting poster for an SS ...

Volkssturm men at Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin, on the way to the front in suburban trains 31. Maerz 1945

Volkssturm with bakelite grips)

Liberation of Haglund, May 7th 1944, young SS POW boys about to eat.

Even the dog can sense he's in the presence of a monster. Photos of Adolf Hitler with “Wolf” taken by Eva Braun. (She notes that the dog is three to four ...

Members of the Hitler Youth and visiting members of the spanish Falange Espanola's youth organisation in Berlin. Original text: 'Show me your gun' ...

9 March 1945: Goebbels awards a 16-year-old Hitler Youth, Willi Hübner, the Iron Cross for the defence of Lauban

This 13 yr old German boy was one of 60 members of the Hitler Youth captured

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US Army 41st Armored Infantry Regt. Normandy 1944. Note M1A1 Thompson with field-added vertical foregrip.

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Hitler's order to draft and form the Volkssturm. Der Führer Führerhauptquartier, 25. September

Gebirgsjager, pin by Paolo Marzioli

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An African-Muslim volunteer in the German Army

Karl August Hanke (24 August 1903 – 8 June 1945) was an official of

ww2 nazi german Volkssturm uniform, ss armband

Gauleiter Karl Hanke, Hangman of Breslau

The Volkssturm (German pronunciation: [ˈfɔlks.ʃtʊɐ̯m], roughly “people's militia”) was a German national militia of the last months of World War II.

The Cossack flag flies alongside that of Nazi Germany

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Obergruppenführer Hans-Adolf Prützmann (right) meets with Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler,

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Hitler youth // Nazis sure knew how to dress their youth

Bayume Mohamed Husen on the set of the German Movie “The Riders… – History

Captain Nick Wilder of the LRDG poses with a…

Hitler Youth members at the inauguration of Gauleiter Arthur Greiser and Minister Wilhelm Frick, Posen, Germany, Oct 1939 (German Federal Archive, ...

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1983-028-05, Helmuth Weidling.jpg

Spanish Civil War, Republican militia German v…

Brazilian Soldiers Posing with a German POW, Italy 1945 via…

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16 year old German soldier crying after being captured by the…

Canadian Cpl Bob Roberts overseeing the surrender of soldiers at…

Former head of the PAK section of the Sturmbrigade in Galicia and Kriegkommandant of Radomyśl village, where he was seriously injured when fighting a T34 ...

Here ground staff pose on a Mk. IIC piloted by Fg Off W. Wright, seen at bottom right. Note the belt of 20mm ammunition on the shoulder of the standing ...

Jungvolk (Hitler Youth ages 10-14)