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AFP Photo Animals t

AFP Photo Animals t


Zhaku, one of three lions rescued from 'hellish' conditions at an Albanian zoo

Shortage of vets spells misery for Karachi zoo animals https://t.co

Shortage of vets spells misery for Karachi zoo animals https://t.co

Please release me: A 'pothead' leopard and other animals stuck in strange places


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AFP news agency on Twitter: "Discovery of three red pandas from China being trafficked through Laos raises fears the endangered animals are being ...

The 16-year-old male tiger died this month at a zoo that has become notorious for animal deaths. (AFP)

AFP news agency on Twitter: "As Ringling elephants say goodbye to circus, an #INFOGRAPHIC on how intelligent the animals are @AFP http://t .co/RY6R5jHtuw"

AFP news agency on Twitter: "Discovery of three red pandas from China being trafficked through Laos raises fears the endangered animals are being ...

#CITES-listed #species, in one of the country's largest #wildlife busts, 4 arrested https://t.co/gVaS8u8S8Z via @AFP #WildlifeTrafficking… ...

700 koalas killed off by Australia authorities because overpopulation led to animals starving http:/

Dogs enjoy a treat at an ice-cream parlour catering to canine customers in Mexico City by @rschemidt @AFPphoto #Mexico #dogs #AFP #animalspic.twitter.com/ ...

Scientists will deliver a comprehensive assessment of the state of biodiversity -- the animals and

About 200,000 lions roamed across Africa a century ago. Today, there are fewer than 30,000. (Tony Karumba/AFP/Getty Images)

Vervet monkeys have three different alarm calls depending on the threat and the nature of the

A tiger yawns in a cage at the zoo in Karachi. There are not enough

Take a walk on the wild side of the concrete jungle: raccoons, deer and

Even albino Bennett tree #kangaroos struggle with that itch on your back you just can't reach. (Csaba Segesvari, AFP/Getty Images)

AFP news agency on Twitter: "A hippo and other animals escape from a flooded zoo in Tbilisi on June 14, 2015. AFP Photos / Beso Gulashvili ...

The most recent law on the books addressing animal cruelty dates from 1890. —AFP

Shortage of vets spells misery for Karachi zoo animals https://t.co

Sylvain Estibal on Twitter: "Rare birth of 3 jaguars in a zoo in #Mexico # afp #animals #nature by @PPardo1 https://t.co/OWt0BPoTOQ"


AFP London on Twitter: "London zoo animals have their vital statistics -- including height and weight -- recorded during the annual weigh-in ...

A baby mountain gorilla in the Sabyinyo Mountains of Rwanda. (Ivan Lieman/ AFP/Getty Images)

AFP news agency on Twitter: "Leopards and flamingos and wolves and bears, oh my! 😱 Animals hang out in their enclosures at the Amneville, France Zoological ...

AFP Africa on Twitter: "Zoo branded 'unethical' after eight animals die in transfer tragedy http://t.co/uIF6jD9Dte http://t.co/d9EmXkGZoy"

AFP news agency on Twitter: "Baby orangutans rest at a police station in Banda Aceh after man suspected of trading endangered animals was arrested ...

Giant animals light up Vatican for environment show https://t.co/

The animals were tranquillised to allow them to be safely transferred to Tirana zoo where they

6:51 AM - 24 Aug 2017


Homeless animals typically face cruelty as they roam the streets. AFP

Australian animals: the cute, the scary and the just plain weird

We can't get enough of this little goober's antics. though mom is clearly not impressed ;) (Photo: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images) by NiqueGata

... are everywhere in movies, books and toy stores - but their wide popularity skews awareness of how endangered these animals really are - scoopnest.com

From the taiga to the circus, The Tiger and the Acrobat explores an animal's humanity

Tracking tags are being hacked by poachers, photographers and eco-tour operators to harass and hunt wild animals - scoopnest.com

Lebanon president signs country's first animal welfare bill into law - The National

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Delhi Police / AFP / Getty Images

AFP news agency on Twitter: "Ice cream keeps Rio zoo animals cool in heatwave http://t.co/i69uYVMd8X #PHOTO by Yasuyoshi Chiba http://t .co/p2PSBNn64o"

When animals yawn

... The Netherlands: Polar bear twins, born in the Dutch Zoo Ouwehands Dierenpark, are fed by their mother, Huggies. Photograph: Erik Van't Woud/ AFP/Getty ...

Australia restricts live sheep exports after horrific footage revealed dead and dying animals on ships bound



Psychic World Cup animals aren't having the best week

In this May 12 photo, commuters drive past a pile of stray dog carcasses,

The new foundation aims to prevent pets from being put down because owners can't afford veterinary care. (Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images)

When humans wage war, animals suffer too: study https://t.

Image 1. Skunks spray to keep their predators away, but watch out! Their

AFP news agency on Twitter: "Pandas are anti-social animals with a highly developed sense of smell that they use to avoid each other, except during mating ...


Polar bear cubs take a sun bath at Moscows Zoo on May 27, 2015.

Slide 1 of 15: A Humboldt penguin slides off the scales after being weighed during

Slide 1 of 80: A white-nosed coati baby stands next to its mother

Shocking photos show a lioness in a cage at Karachi Zoo, her coat dotted with

Amorous tigers Ivo and Tamur cuddling. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / AFP - Getty Images via Animal Tracks :)

Lensi, a 15-year-old male lion, had a serious eye infection

Lions and other exotic animals would be banned as pets in Arlington County. (Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images)

AFP/File | The trade of rare animals is big business in Lebanon


Graphic on drought in Australia and how it affects native species. Photo: AFP

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

False alarm after five big cats 'break out' of zoo in west Germany

The concept:


China-backed hydro dam threatens world's rarest orangutan

Fishing pressure risks erasing largest marine animals https://t .co/OrG4CPzCSQ

Knowing what to do if you see an animal you think is being abused can be tough (Image: AFP)

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Tiger in water covered with algae

CORRECTION - DATELINE IN IPTC In this picture taken on June 24, 2015, a

Ilana StraussOctober 2, 2018 6:00 AM

The African elephant is the largest animal on land, but not the fastest. Credit: Bernd Adam

Animal handlers at Jordan's famous Petra at centre of abuse allegations - The National

In this undated handout photo from Animals Australia recieved by AFP on March 9, 2018


Just about everything you buy came at the expense of an endangered animal - The Washington Post


Hana Davis

AFP news agency on Twitter: "A Great curassow at the El Salvador National Zoo in San Salvador, which aims to rehabilitate animals before releasing them to ...

This Zoologist Accepts Animals On Their Own Terms

Earth's wild animal population drops 60% in 44 years

Slide 1 of 35: A photo taken on March 15, 2016 shows an Asian

Slide 1 of 42: A Siberian tiger yawns at the temporary shelter of the '


Image: JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

Don't be shy

Elephants are pictured in their cage at the Karachi Zoo in Karachi. —AFP

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