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About Weeds You should read my blog t Gardens

About Weeds You should read my blog t Gardens


Don't let weeds rob your garden of its beauty. Use our guide to help you identify and control these troublesome pests.

Weed fiasco in the garden - poor squash plant is trying to compete with a ton

1412 weeds - 01

Weeds as Indicator Plants | What Do Weeds Tell You About the Soil? | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Behind those peachy beauties, you can see the later blooming magenta yarrow, which has become its own tough competitor in the colorful riot to dominate this ...

Chris Beardshaw's garden for NSPCC

So yesterday, I set out to do the most dreaded deed in gardening…weeding. And decided, they are the smartest plants ever…


Identifying And Harvesting Edible Weeds In The Garden

And reading names on labels, particularly where I had read about genera that were 'impossible' to grow from seed, and seeing the plants for the first time, ...

I don't think I will be foraging in my garden again any time soon, but it is nice to know, if I had to, I could.

My tomatoes are now growing, blooming, and setting fruit. Makes me (and my soul) so happy!

Ecological Planting - The revolution will never be bought at the garden centre.

13 benefits of growing flowers in your vegetable garden to improve pollination, reduce weeds +

Gardening products you need. (And those you don't.) — GARDENS, WEEDS & WORDS

The Barbican, a Nigel Dunnett planting, effectively a green roof, lots of regeneration

5 Reasons I Want Weeds in My Garden. From free food and medicine to wildlife

5 Reasons I Want Weeds in My Garden. From free food and medicine to wildlife

So this week I will ...

A closeup of my ...

Dandelions are one of the most common weeds found in gardens, and they have a deep tap root. (Photo: gom_yeou/Shutterstock)

It was the big daises that did it. My spur-of-the-moment acquisition of a car boot full of jolly flowers (which you can read about here) had started a minor ...

Purslane is one of those weeds that doesn't really look like anything else in your garden. It grows best on warm, dry, barren soil (like corn or squash ...

Hothouse Dick sitting among the weeds, photo by HM

A Nadia Malarky designed garden in Columbus Ohio

1412 weeds - 27

Speedwell annual weed header

I KNOW A LOT OF PLANTS BY THEIR PROPER NAMES, but when it comes to “weeds,” as we term unwanted garden visitors that seem to just come with the territory, ...

To Hassocks this afternoon, keen to see how Ed and Josie are getting on at Garden Sage now the larger plants are in place (you can read about this new ...

Dandelion Weeds

Is rubber mulch a good idea to stop weeds in the landscape?: Gardening Q&A with George Weigel | PennLive.com

gardening supplies


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Image of Syrphid fly on enchanter's nightshade

Sustainable forests and gardens try not to use chemicals or fertilisers from outside. The soil should remain increasingly fertile because it is covered in ...

My garden ...

Creeping Charlie

5 plants you might not know are weeds

5 Weeds British Gardeners Can't Stand (and How to Get Rid of Them

The Gardens, weeds & words podcast, Series 1 Episode 1

Image titled Grow an Herbal Tea Garden Step 15

After allowing the weeds to germinate and pulling them up again I decided to mulch to reduce any further weeds from coming up.

The word 'natural' must be one of the most abused in the English language. Its use generally implies 'good', and all-too often 'buy this product'.

If you were to track every hour spent in your garden, you would probably find that you do an inordinate amount of weeding. And while the first few weeks of ...

Weeds in the garden

Natural Weed KIllers Banner

Controlling Wild Garlic - Getting Rid Of Wild Garlic In Lawns And Gardens

Weeds out of control.

Have you tried the deep mulch method in your garden? Click here to see how

... I will continue with 'Weed week – know your enemy'. The more you know about a weed, the more likely you are to stop it from taking hold in your garden.

Improve Soil with a No-Till Garden

Let us hear your thoughts about GreenIQ articles. We are listening.

Plantain plant

edible weeds: Dandelion flowers

weeds along the edge of the garden

Mantis Tiller

Save time and keep your garden in tip top shape with these smart weeding tips.

Bindweed vines snuggle insidiously close to Queen of Night tulips. Weeds can host pest insects


Louisiana, a contemporary art gallery north of Copenhagen just has to be one of my most favourite places. Not for the contents so much (I am no great fan of ...

The photo doesn't really show the puddles of sweat that dripped from my brow whilst I worked. I know it doesn't look exactly like it sprang from the pages ...

by Teri Dunn Chace

rockery garden guide by fantastic gardeners

Forget the lawnmower – just let your grass grow | Life and style | The Guardian

Pokeweed berries

Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

Did you know you can effectively use salt to kill weeds? These tips will help

What do you think? If you'd rather simply look at an image that may illustrate the above, then how about.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Baumbach, UCCE Master Gardener Coordinator, Solano County)

Here is a list of some of the most common weeds you may find

gardening for dummies

5 plants you shouldn't grow

How to Weed the Garden Properly

dandelion 3

Weeds in Gravel Driveways

Raised garden beds help retain water better than gardens planted in open soil.

Dandelions in Lawn

Six species in shot, but could do better, BUT much greater species density than most gardeners aim at: close-up of one of my old trial plots in ...

Image titled Grow an Herbal Tea Garden Step 1

One ...

Growing a Thyme Lawn

Last week, Jacinta and spent the day foraging for dried deciduous leaves in Blackheath (in the Upper Blue Mountains). Autumn has been a very warm (or ...

Weeds to Know. Bindweed. Bindweed is often found in hard, compacted soil. When you pull it up, try to get as much of the root as possible.

Fireweed has a sharper taste than most of my garden weeds, so I use it in smaller quantities.