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Admiral Hipper Gallery The Wreck WW2 1944 t

Admiral Hipper Gallery The Wreck WW2 1944 t


Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck

Admiral Hipper in dry dock at Kiel 19 May 1945

Admiral Scheer in Gibraltar.jpg

Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-63-24, Schwerer Kreuzer "Admiral Hipper

Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck

Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck

8 in heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper: heavily damaged by RAF bombing in Kiel harbour on 3 May 1945, she was scuttled by her crew at her moorings.

Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck

Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck

German Cruiser Admiral Hipper

Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck Heavy Cruiser, Prinz Eugen, Battleship, Ww2

Admiral Hipper (+1945)


Admiral Scheer, German Cruiser: World War II

Admiral Hipper - Gallery - The Wreck

Admiral Scheer

KM Admiral Scheer

Admiral Scheer in August 1942

Admiral Scheer in 1935

Admiral Hipper After Being Scuttled:


Graf Zeppelin: Diving at the unique WW2 German aircraft carrier (photos and videos). Shipwrecks

Admiral Hipper during fitting-out. Hamburg, 1937.

... Admiral Scheer, Kriegsmarine, WWII, Deutschland-Class Cruiser | by photolibrarian

German Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser, Prinz Eugen. (Color) Heavy Cruiser

... Admiral Scheer, Kriegsmarine, German Navy, Heavy Cruiser, WWII | by photolibrarian

Recognition drawing of the Admiral Hipper class, showing armament and armor arrangement

Armor-Plated Vessel 'Admiral Scheer' and Warship 'Deutschland', 1937 -

Recognition drawing of Admiral Scheer



A ship history : Admiral Hipper

Operation Weserübung[edit]

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Nazi Germany's Battleship Bismarck vs. Japan's Monster Yamato Class: Who Wins? | The National Interest

Harwich and Dovercourt History

In 1946 workers from Harima Zosen shipyard were instructed to scrap the wreck in place. Some of the personnel had previous experience with submarine ...

Admiral Hipper landing troops in Trondheim

Heavy cruiser of the Dorsetshire class

Admiral Scheer, photographed from Prinz Eugen en route to Norway

The Admiral Scheer combined a decent speed (26 knots), produced by 8 powerful diesel engines, with massive firepower, provided by six 280mm main guns, ...

Photo Gallery: The Zerstörer

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Kriegsmarine Cruiser Warfare. Hipper

Z 1 as completed with rounded bridge, and flying the pennant of the FdT at the masthead.

Admiral Scheer in the Arctic

Sister-ship of IJN Ise, IJN Hyuga sits wrecked about a month after the end of WWII. Already without aircraft and short of fuel, IJN Hyuga was hit by dive ...

Admiral Scheer then steamed to Seychelles north of Madagascar, where she found two merchant vessels with her Arado floatplanes.

Admiral Graf Spee was a Deutschland-class heavy cruiser ('pocket battleship')

DKM Admiral Scheer - Deutschland-class Heavy Cruiser, 1:1250 De Agostini DAG-WS016


German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper appeared out of the gloom (Image: mediadrumworld.com)

The German commerce raider Atlantis became the stuff of legends during World War II.

Above is a primary assembly point in northwestern France in late 1944, with a variety of Allied and German vehicles awaiting transport to a “strip-out yard” ...


Prinz Eugen underway

Tuscaloosa: http://www.navsource.org/archives/04/037/0403711.jpg ...

Ladies & Gentlemen, The complete 1/600 scale Airfix: Kriegsmarine Admiral Hipper Class

A Ferocious Dealer of Death

Amazing moment the Enigma code was captured has been revealed (Image: mediadrumworld.com)


Leberecht Maass after her 1938 refit to modify the bows, with additional sheer and rake for improved sea-keeping.


HMS Exeter's final battle

Tokiwa IJN (+1945)

No ceremony or marking was done for the wreck as it was covered with rubble. In 1978 the Kieler Nachrichten newspaper pinpointed the location, ...


Above, German soldiers surrender on one of the Greek islands in May 1945. The garrisons on Crete and several minor Aegean islands were marooned from the ...

Image Admiral Hipper

Deutschland Class

Instrument panel of an Eastern Aircraft TBM-3(N) Avenger, 1944

world war II wrecks worldwartwo.filminspector.com


Bismarck battleship World War II worldwartwo.filminspector.com

Battle of Midway


The wreck of Admiral Graf Spee. After the ship was scuttled it started to sink deeper and deeper into the mud until it finaly disappeared below the water ...

The M32 is a good example of a WWII vehicle dedicated to recovering and towing wrecked tanks. Based on the M4 Sherman tank chassis, it had a 30-ton deadlift ...


Above a pair of US Army M1 wrecker trucks right the tipped-over wreckage of a Panzer IV during a battlefield clean-up. The M1's boom crane had a 10-capacity ...

CFS - Macro Prinz Eugen - Admiral Hipper-Class Heavy Cruiser

M-504 was a German minesweeper that was sunk in an air raid at Dock VII, Deutsche Werke yard , Kiel on the 9th April 1945. see wreck


Battle of Kursk, July 1943: A knocked out Panther tank lies in the battlefield of the biggest-ever clash of armored forces. The wreck has been most likely ...

Prinz Eugen wreck World War II worldwartwo.filminspector.com

world war II wreck worldwartwo.filminspector.com

German GNEISENAU & PRINZ EUGEN Naval Cover 1944 WEIGAND WWII POEM Cachet | #1820089208