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Cross Marian D gray man My note He is not dead Cross Marian

Cross Marian D gray man My note He is not dead Cross Marian


Cross Marian (D. gray man). My note: He is not dead

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Cross Marian was trying to tell Walker more than it appeared. The listeners seemed to

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Cross Marian. D. Gray ManCrossesTHE ...

D. Gray-Man - Cross Marian

D.Gray-man, Cross Marian, Lenalee Lee

Maria no Shisen

TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Cross Marian

Cross Marian - D.

Cross Marian, Allen Walker

... has a cross on it.

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D.Gray Man Cross Marian Cosplay Costume

cross marian. D. Gray Man

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Cross Marian - D.Gray-man

Considering the last episode of D.Gray-man aired almost eight years ago, seeing the series make a television comeback after all this time was a surprise.

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Cross Marian - D.Gray-man

Cross Marian do mangá D.gra-man. Ilustração baseada em um capitulo do

Disappearance of Cross Marian

Now, Anita is Cross' only shown lover, canonly. She was his most recent one, and important as she gives his whereabouts, and a ship to go to him regarding ...

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Cross Marian. Credits: http://www.gogoanime.com/d-gray-man-hallow-episode-1

D-Gray man D グレイマン- Volume 24

He wears a cross ◊ necklace ◊ ...

Allen and Cross

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-Cross Marian-

General Cross Marian from "D.Gray-man."

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D.Gray-Man - Chapter 46 : Report Of Cross Marian's Death. «

Searching for A.W. - Live Man + Dead Man

D.Gray-man. A young silver-haired teenager with a red hand, wearing a black-and

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Then it happens again when Cross hears about Anita dying.

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So, it seems he likes nice women. Anita was a prostitute, which isn't the most respectable thing, but, Cross didn't think badly of her.

She's known Cross for years, She was 27 upon her death, and her mother died before she turned 18 -as she tells Lenalee when explaining the origin of her ...

Cross Marian[edit | hide]

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Allen is Unresponsive to Cross bringing him food

Allen is a young man of average height (though Kanda often teases Allen about his height, Kanda himself is a tall individual, so Allen's height is actually ...

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Clan of Noah[edit]

Allen has anti-Akuma weapon called Crown Clown. He entered into the organization known as the "Exorcist", as invited by Cross Marian. Since he was a child, ...

Lavi fighting Allen

List of Innocence

Note that Anita has a woman for security, and not a man. So may hint at some caution she has with men given her profession. She's probably run into many ...

First, I would like to say I looked for this poll to see of it was done but due to Gray from Fairy Tail there was a lot of polls on him ...


Obviously. Their red hair is the main similarity between this two. Basically they're the only red haired characters in the show. This may be suggestive.

Manga Online: D.Gray-man - Volume 24 - Chapter 213 - Searching for A.W. (Allen Walker) Hiding Someone - Page 24

Timcampy, the Golden Snitch with a tail ...


'D. Gray-man Hallow' Anime Broadcast Dub Cast, Release Date Revealed

Misc. Allen says, when he traveled with Cross ...

A General from the Black Order, Cross Marian, finds Allen and asks him to become an Exorcist.

Cross Marian

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Our Cross Marian in Color -DGM #228

Maria is a corpse that Cross has used magic to make his own, with a parasite-type Innocence that affects the minds of others by singing hymns.

Secret (D.Gray-Man)

Allen Walker



D.Gray Man characters as John Mulaney quotes

The 14th Noah (D Gray Man Fanfiction Continuation) Wattys2016 - The Path I Have Chosen - Wattpad

Cross Marian / Klaud Nine

D.Gray-Man - Chapter 46 : Report Of Cross Marian's Death. «


Noah Clan: Tykki, Road, Lelo, Millenium Earl

This is the moment when Allen finds out of Cross' death. This is shock, and to say it's understandable is an euphemism. But then we get… nothing.

My dirty mind starts to say its opinion. I know Cross is mostly shiped with Anita but just imagine this womanizer and this hot strong woman together.

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Kiss it Better {D. Gray Man songfic}

Cast of D.Gray-man

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D.Gray-Man - Chapter 46 : Report Of Cross Marian's Death. «

Ele foi encontrado mais tarde pelo General Cross Marian que o treinou como discípulo até que ele foi enviado para a sede da Ordem Negra, cinco anos depois ...

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D.Gray-man Cross Marian Cosplay Costume

Allen Walker, whose left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and destroy Akuma, evolving machines created by the Millennium Earl to help him destroy ...