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Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor angrily flexes bow tie Gifs

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor angrily flexes bow tie Gifs


Listen Here You Little Shit

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Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith eesh hurt pain

To celebrate the April 23 premiere of the new season of Doctor Who, here's a collection of some of the finest gifs devoted to The Doctor and his companions ...

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[ANGRILY FIXES BOW TIE listen here you little shit ...


Doctor who classic who third doctor john pertwee suave judging look

Picture shows: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

If the Doctor Who cast had been cast as the Sherlock cast.

Doctor Who's New Season Starts Off With a Dose of…

The Two Doctors ...

imageFrom the archives of the Timelords,Whovians,BBC and Tumblr fans Watch Doctor,

Heaven Sent – I mean, come on; who can deny 55 minutes of Peter Capaldi being a total boss? He absolutely owned the episode. It did feature a manifestation ...

Doctor Whos Peter Capaldi speaks about POTS. How awesome of a supporter is he! Ive had quite a few Who marathons while having bad POTS days.

Doctor Who does The Killing Joke: Death in Heaven Review


Eleven <3

The Fairest miniprint - 4x5. DOCTOR ...

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I ...

While You Were Offline: Sean Spicer Is a Living Homer Simpson GIF, Basically

burnthelightsout: Photos taken on the days Matt Smith chose his Doctor costume. Some pretty cool variations before finally deciding “bow-ties are cool".

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The Ninth Doctor

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's (since-disavowed) former personal attorney, recently reached a plea deal on eight federal felony counts.

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Sounds like The Doctor is cribbing from an earlier aficionado of time travel.

Marco Rubio Says Hack Attempts From Russia Targeted Him, Too



Doctor Who red ...

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Tumblr rules Word Up, You Stupid, A Well, Etiquette, Meant To Be

It's 1909, the third year of Mary's incarceration, and bureaucratic pressures are building to release her, against one doctor's protests.

He also tended to clutch ◊ at ...

Alex Jones, purveyor of conspiracy site and lead-tainted supplement shop Infowars, has seen pretty much every major platform rally against him as of late.

The FCC knows that Americans hate telecoms, and it's doing everything it can to give us reason to hate them more. On Tuesday, a proposal to kneecap the ...



Randy Rainbow will be performing in Northampton on May 18. Photo courtesy of Randy Rainbow.




MUFSO Top 50 Images

Doctor Who thread II: "I should have a hat like that." [SPOILERS] [Archive] - Page 6 - Giant in the Playground Forums

11th Doctor (2013) NPC/PlayerModel



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He also tended to clutch ◊ at his ...

Former CIA Director John Brennan lashed out at President Donald Trump in a newspaper essay a





There a million websites dedicated to explaining the various ways you can tie a neck tie, but watching someone do it is different from doing it yourself.


This image perfectly describes Series 9 - No interference, just running through the universe



Mamamia recaps The Bachelorette: One man breaks the bro code.





You'll want this


Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird (right) and Minister of Defence Peter MacKay speak

Bill from The Bachelorette won't win because of the first rose curse.

Christopher Krebs, undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security's National Protection and Programs Directorate,

Daily Beast, Hillary Clinton's Would-Be West Wingers Have Nothing to Lose, Eleanor Clift, Jan. 18, 2017. Staffers who want to stay engaged in politics are ...


Amy Pond, The real reason why the Doctor wears bow ties. Doctor Who


Your wish may be fulfilled sooner than you realise. Look at his neckwear!

An Inconvenient Truth?

Feds vow funding for local journalism but evasive on how to get it





... Actor George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney attend the 'Money Monster' premiere during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 12, 2016 in Cannes ...

It ...

The Doctor: “Clara…I don't think they like you.”

I watched through new who on XBMC, which picks a promo shot for the background of the display while viewing any/all Doctor Who seasons.

The Left Eyebrow.