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Handwrought Silver Modern Tribal Statement Necklace Hansuli

Handwrought Silver Modern Tribal Statement Necklace Hansuli


Handwrought Silver Modern Tribal Statement Necklace -- Hansuli -- One of a Kind Silver

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Africa | Necklace from the Harrar people of Ethiopia | Silver

Unique ethnic jewelry and tribal jewelry -- Dorje Designs .

Antique Nepalese Rock Crystal and Sunstone Necklace with India Silver Pendant

Pam & Gela

Mayur Bala : Classics Hand-wrought, hand-chased and hand-finished in pure 22k gold, the Mayur Bala is a statement in simplicity and elegance.

Natalie B Jewelry Lucky Princess Necklace in Audrina Patridge

Lac “Jenny” Choker Necklace and Earrings set – White

Designer unknown | Vintage wound coral glass beads from the African trade, turquoise, lapis, old Egyptian amber bead, old silver telsum and coptic crosses ...

Silver Jewelry · Silver Decorations · Previously, variations of the Hansuli were worn in different parts of Nepal and north India

Pueblo-style, hand wrought .925 all-silver Yalalag cross necklace with loop

One Good Eye Silver - Spratling design Hands and Tulips Silver Amethyst Necklace

Pure Silver Necklace of triple lined gold-plated dholki beads Indian Designer Wear, Indian

Antique Sterling Silver Ceremonial Indian Collar, mid-1800's

Silver Rhodium Plated (Pendant only) with Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Prasiolite semi -

Morocco | Earrings; silver, ebony inlaid with silver, niello. Middle Atlas region. Tribal: JewelryAfrican ...

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Lac “Jenny” Choker Necklace and Earrings set – Pink

Club Necklace and Earring Set (Orange)

Lac “Jenny” Choker Necklace and Earrings set – Baby Blue

Silver Rhodium Plated (Pendant only) with Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Prasiolite semi -

This Hansuli Necklace is on its way to a lucky

The Hansuli #necklace, ready to head out into the world today! #handcrafted

Sterling Silver and Green Crystals “Savanah” Necklace

Antique Tribal And Ethnic Indian Silver Necklaces - Rabari

Traditional three strand necklace from North India. | Each of the bead's halves is die

Antique gold Indian amulet pendant with gold bead necklace. The delicate amulet box,originally intended to hold the owner's protective amulet or prayer.

Silver Hansuli Necklace

India | Necklace of solid silver pendants from Orissa. {Recently restrung by Carla Alicata

Silver, enamel, India Description: This enamel blue and green end-of-hair-braid ornament is typical from the Himachal Pradesh area.

Sterling Silver Gold plated “Pine Leaves” Pendant/Necklace - Sterling Silver (925

by Victoria Rivers | Necklace; Multi-layers of traditional silver and niello…

China | 3 sets of Maio earrings. Silver. 20th century

The Sikri Bracelet from the Puraniya Collection. #handcrafted #artisanmade # silver #jewellery

Sumatra, Indonésia | Contemporary silver alloy necklace from the Batak people.

Sterling Silver 925 “Pearl Queen Hasli” Necklace

More #summer vibes, courtesy of the Thossia #necklace! Illustration by Shweta Malhotra


Buy Antique Silver Stippled Floral Jhumkas 92.5% Sterling Online at Jaypore.com

Luala Necklace - Copper Gold Plated “Luala” multi strand necklaces with grey resin stones

Williams Gallery West Jewelry silver bracelet with large yellow stone

Antique Berber pendant, silver with blue glass paste, probably late

New piece alert! More info coming soon. #handmade #jewellery #jewelry #

Earrings Northern India First half 1900 Silver Ethnic Jewels 0490

Silver Coin Necklace With Jhumka

Beaded Jewelry Designs, Beaded Jewellery, Pearl Jewelry, Silver Jewellery, Diamond Jewelry, Jewelery, Temple Jewellery, India Jewelry, South Indian ...

This is an extraordinarily rare and large silver Goulimine cross (the height is a massive. African jewelryTribal: ...

Vintage Fred Davis Silver and Black Obsidian Cabochon Deco Bracelet - Vintage Midcentury Modern Mexican Silver Jewelry

Cottage Emporium Pendant Have you been to the Central Cottage Industries Emporium in Calcutta over the

Amethyst, sterling silver. Jewelry BoardsJewelry ArtSilver jewelryModern ...

Makasi Silver Earrings - Jewellery, Puraniya Collection - Kaligarh: Handcrafted in the Himalaya

Lac “Jenny” Choker Necklace and Earrings set in Maroon. This necklace comes with

Some of our designs are very special to us and 'The Ghumsi' is one

Kakoli : In this case we effected a reverse customization in that the necklace had to be matched to our Naksha Kanbala without in any way dulling the effect ...

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Bashona Bagan:Let us then unchain our gates of desire and allow a pair of

Naba Prachin Hasuli - Innovations Inspired equally by Mohenjodaro's “Dancing Girl” as by Celtic traditions, this stiff hansuli is remarkable in its use of ...

Necklace | William Spratling.

Guinea Sonar Chandmala : A simple moon-garland, meticulously handcrafted in pure 22K gold

Sterling silver. ca. 1950s, Mexico. VINTAGE SILVER JEWELRYModern ...

Silver filigree earrings with ruby, saphire and mother of pearl, coral beads. Khiva

Jyotsna Sumona Sita-Har: Every ornament speaks your story. And those which you

Hansuli Necklace - Jewellery, Puraniya Collection - Kaligarh: Handcrafted in the Himalaya

India ~ Rajasthan | Women's necklaces in silver-gilt, glass and other materials |

Saved by radha reddy garisa

silver peacock jhumkis by Amrapali

gold necklace with Lakshmi pendant

Nasrin : Be it the Mohammadi rose that yields the fragrant water with which the sacred Kaaba is washed, or the common Tea rose, or the wild roses of Persia.

Sterling silver.

#BengaliGoldJewellery Gold Jewelry Simple, Gold Rings Jewelry, Glass Jewelry, Choker Jewelry,

Sterling silver and amethyst. ca. 1940s, Taxco. Modern JewelryUnique ...

Afghanistan | Silver necklace. Heavy box pendant with heart shaped dangles and repousse work.

Folksy Jhumkas

ANTIQUE NECKLACE Total Weight : 19.60 Grams(With Thread)

Green AD CZ Floral GoldTone Indian Fashion Bridal Bollywood Jewelry Necklace Set #DesaiJewellers

Shreemoyee Necklace: A collision of thoughts, an amalgam of shapes, a fusion of styles – that's the basis of this distinctive neckpiece - hand-wrought in ...

"Neha doesn't care much for heavy gold jewellery. We'd like

Bracelet | "Victoria Mexico Taxco" for Ana Nunez de Brillanti. Sterling silver.

... tightly fitted along a gold crescent and decorated with a border of jagged hand-twisted wire and ball jhumurs ---- that's all there is to this necklace.

The journey to Hansuli. This is how the intricate #necklace starts out.

Jaisalmer : Just about a year ago we'd held a contest to name some

10 Traditional Gold Bengali Jewellery

Renaissance: This Sita-har is a remodelling of the Kakoli Necklace, keeping all

Suhrita Classically beautiful, charming, elegant, sophisticated, brilliant in her work, pleasing by disposition, modern yet steeped in rich traditions, ...

Latest gold necklace designs - Latest Jewellery Design for Women | Men online - Jewellery Design Hub

First Symphony : Not one to leave things undone, are we? Well, what

Antique Indian earrings Silver Jewelry Earrings

Details of the Thoka Classic Bracelet from the Puraniya Collection. #artisanmade #jewellery #

Chakraphul Go-Go Har: Here's the other out-of-fashion necklace.

Vintage Hand- Wrought Solid Copper Torque Necklace in the Shape of a “V”

Modern Go-Go Har: You'll hate us for this, we know

Mayurpur: The nocturnal garden of love that comes alive with the rains, this necklace

Muktodhara Necklace and Earring: So, do have a penchant for pearls? Is jigging

Kamranga Har - Classics This rare mala takes the form of the common Indian starfruit but

Tayo Silver Necklace - Jewellery, Puraniya Collection - Kaligarh: Handcrafted in the Himalaya

A 6” in diameter open torque collar necklace

Tribal Banjara Jewelry | Tijori

best necklace ever

Peacock Kasu Haram in 200gms