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Have You Heard About Kimberley Vlaminck You Should Have

Have You Heard About Kimberley Vlaminck You Should Have


Belgian Kimberley Vlaeminck

Kimberley Vlaeminck (56 Stars)

/Bet you didn't know?

... you. So meet Kimberley Vlaminck. article-1193384-056169CF000005DC-425_634x561

You're done? Awesome! Could you hand me that mirror?

Have You Heard About Kimberley Vlaminck? You Should Have.

Young Belgian woman finally has 56 star tattoos removed from her face after four-year ordeal | Daily Mail Online

Kimberley Chen Belgium face eyebrow human hair color cheek chin beauty hairstyle blond forehead

VIDEO: "View" co-host says young girl couldnt have fallen asleep while


A TEENAGE girl who claimed 56 stars were tattooed on her face while she slept when she only wanted THREE has admitted she lied. Belgian Kimberley Vlaminck ...

56 when the number of stars begin to outmatch your IQ

Last week, eighteen year old Kimberley Vlaminck sued her tattoo artist after receiving fifty-six stars tattooed on her face. Kimberely, who insists on ...

face eyebrow person black and white nose facial expression forehead man chin monochrome photography cheek head

Removing Kimberley Vlaminck's 56 star tattoos in Photoshop

Looking like herself again: Kimberly Vlaminck, 22, was pictured recently showing off the

Rouslan Toumaniantz

Kimberley Vlaeminck - LoLz

I Have A Few! Girl Who Had 56 Stars Tattooed On Her Face



Van Sterrenmeisje tot Kimberley: kimberley Vlaeminck Devallé: Amazon.co.uk: Erlend Hamerlijnck: 9789002239519: Books

Tattooist inks his name across girlfriend's face on the day they meet – The Sun

A rogue tattooist who inked 56 stars on a sleeping girl's face has caused a write

Facettoo Parodies

We have included the obvious disasters so you can have a baseline of what is clearly a bad decision. Hey, forget we said that.

Blink 182 drummer Travis is tattooed, mohawked and pierced, so it would be stupid to not include him in the top 5. I wouldn't be surprised if the combined ...

The Story of Kimberley Vlaeminck: "I Asked For 3, He Gave Me 53 More"

Tattoo Fails | Know Your Meme Memes Of The Day, Face Tattoos, Crazy Tattoos

Kimberley Vlaeminck in Starface


[ IMG]

A few days ago I wrote about Kimberley Vlaeminck, a Belgium teenager from Kortrijk, 56 miles northwest of Brussels, who claimed she fell asleep in a tattoo ...

Van Sterrenmeisje tot Kimberley: kimberley Vlaeminck Devallé: Amazon.co.uk: Erlend Hamerlijnck: 9789002239519: Books

The Vampire Woman of Mexico La Mujer Vampiro

Kimberley Vlaeminck Charly Lownoise Mental Theo 56 Stars

STARS They make you look happy and twinkling

Then, as you all know, we lost MJ. Part of the reason I hesitated to post about Michael Jackson's death is that I didn't have any idea what to say about it, ...

Don't you just hate it when you go to the hairdresser with a picture of a famous starlet only to walk out again, an hour or so later, looking more pleb than ...


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Kimberley Vlaminck


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[SUBTITLED] Girl wakes up with 56 stars tattooed on her face - YouTube

Kimberly Vlaminck 56 Star Face Tattoo Worldnewscom

Young Belgian woman finally has 56 star tattoos removed from her face.

Kimberley Vlaeminck Devallé - Van Sterrenmeisje tot Kimberley

Johnny Depp with his amended 'Winona Forever' ...

Inked Tongues. '


Tattooist will pay half the cost for removing 56 tattooed stars off 18 yr-old's face :: FOOYOH ENTERTAINMENT

If a FatBoothed photo of the ugliest photo ever taken of you doesn't keep you running, nothing will.

... can't go out on the streets because she's so embarrassed and she looks horrible. What she really should be embarrassed about is thinking anyone would ...

Pretty: Lesya before her radical inking (Image: Europics)

She claims she fell asleep

De Flandriens 1976-1987 (Deel 1) Roger De Vlaeminck, Eddy Merckx,



Ever Wonder Why People Get Face Tattoos? Here's The Answer From 9 People Who Did It's unclear whether he believed his skeleton (or is it some type of weird ...

10 Celebrity Tattoos

Former Finks bikie Grant Gavin sports a freshly inked Mongols tattoo as he walks into Southport

Who Falls Asleep While Getting A Tattoo?

What Is the Meaning Behind Star Tattoos? - Step 3

tattoo fail 187 365 masquerades

Tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz ... nothing to see here.

Rapper Lil Wayne's face tattoos are inspiring young men to "look cool".

[SUBTITLED] Girl wakes up with 56 stars tattooed on her face

Teenager Kimberley Vlaminck who had 56 stars tattoed on her face .

Exonerated: Tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz had originally said he would give Vlaminck a refund

It ...

Also, I generally don't like black tattoos, but I think white facial tattoos are perty. Like this one, on Twwly's forehead.

... Tyson's eye tribal) definitely have a long way to go before they ...

... it's unbearable itchiness until you just want to scrub it off your skin with a brillo pad or a cheese grater or a porcupine. Ah the joys of tattoos…

Video: Girl sues tattoo artist after getting a face full of tattoos.

STAR TREATMENT: The Sun's coverage of the tattoo misadventure.

A Belgian teenager who saw stars when she woke up at a tattoo parlour to find

axa speed dating benoit

we all knew her


Dancenow13's picture


Lesya-Toumaniantz-6tt Lesya-Toumaniantz-7tt ...

Duncan Riley

This professional tattoo artist is no stranger to the inked world, and now has her own studio and makeup range.

kimberley vlaminck in tattoo tattoo convention and more

Still Star Struck: Belgian Girl with 56 Star Tattoos on Face decides to "Wipe" it out, Weird and Strange Tattoos from around the World [PHOTOS]

Heavily tattooed member of the "Mara 18" gang faces court for violating women