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I hear Aangs voice when I read this and smile Nerdy t

I hear Aangs voice when I read this and smile Nerdy t


I hear Aangs voice when I read this and smile.

great now i'm crying

Uh huh.... see Aang knew Katara and Zuko were meant to be together and then he gets all selfish and changes it all.

Dante Basco, Zuko's voice actor, now voices General Iroh II

The Four Nations Boarding School

Avatar meets Teen Titans - The exchange between Beast Boy and Aang makes me laugh so hard. XD @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Ward Ward

*crack* the sound of my heart breaking Avatar Aang, Avatar The Last Airbender

Reading books does not make one a nerd. I think not reading books makes one a nerd,instead.


It's too cute 😍 😍 😍 I love this because it shows the nice, Kind and funny sid of Aang. In korra we only saw the "serious" adult Aang!

"Walk like you can see" Eleventh Doctor to Amy when she had to navigate through the angels with her eyes closed in Flesh and Stone (part two of The Time of ...

Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise Part 1

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This is a partial character sheet for The Legend of Korra. Subjective trope and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page.




Katara says: “They want you to be their Avatar, Aang. We all do.” But she cannot entirely hide a melancholy expression, exposing how torn she is at those ...

See? The show tries to put reason and logic into why Aang is a pacifist and doesn't want to kill the main villain. He has real and clear cut motivations.

will do

This culminates in the worst character assassination I've seen yet on the show, when Bolin goes off-script in a rescue scene with Ginger in order to ...

That only leaves Naga and Pabu, the animal friends of the Krew. Naga is a polar bear dog who, like Appa to Aang, is Korra's oldest friend. You see a lot of ...


Aang: “Hey, Katara, don't you think that cloud look like a flower?”

Her name is Meng, which is phonetically nearly identical to Aang, AS THE SHOW ACTUALLY TAKES TIME TO POINT OUT TO YOU (“That rhymes with Meng!

... all readers to Read Without Walls with three simply stated but significant goals that will advance the scope of diversity in any young reader's world:

Good Smile Company 4580416901772 "Nendoroid Korra Figure

Walker Hall. *cringes* Everyone knows the name is fitting because it's literally on the outskirts of campus. Sometimes I feel as if it's taking me a season ...

AA T ¶ ⒞

Uncle Iroh smiling saying that you should be the person he knows you can be.

So, what do we see? Things are jumbled; the chronology of the flashbacks are muddled, but it seems pretty clear that speculations of Yakone being a ...

But it wasn't a fanfic of Avatar, it was a fanfic of itself. I call that the Doctor Who effect.

Last Airbender Aang by SuperheroGeek13 ...

Dee Bradley Baker

Shaney's Family Portrait (Art Trade from Boxtrot)

Then we move into Korra territory, where we're faced with a whole variety of new bad parents. Only to find out that Aang, our dear beloved Aang, ...

Aladdin First Look: Mena Massoud Makes a Striking Hero's Debut | Vanity Fair



The most adorable and yet most bad-ass kid you will ever see

I'm really excited The Legend of Korra is back. What was one thing we were hoping for? A chance to see more of the world, how it has changed since the ...

Meng: “Hey, Aang. Don't you think that cloud looks like a flower?”

I can't eat this!

All Grown Up: 21 Nickelodeon Characters Turned Into Parents By The Community

https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/. I CAN'T ...

Reading the Book

And that didn't stop her from stomping the firebenders in the airship during Sozin's Comet. Toph has shown multiple times that she doesn't need to see in ...

Don't deny it Aang, your lady ain't gonna like that

Realities of the Human World

Korra x Male reader! S3. A new dawn! Part 4 by NubsTheCaterpie on DeviantArt

Aang is a Messiah-type character. The Fire Nation exterminated all the air nomads because they knew the predestined cycle would cause the next Avatar to be ...

There literally can't be large-scale and widespread homophobia in a place with such an ineffectual centralized government. There could maybe be a region ...

Earth ...

"See it's good because it has Aang in it. BoomerAANG!"

One Minute Melee: Guts vs.


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THE INCREDIBLES and STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL Join Forces for a Super Mashup | Nerdist

When I see a show or become involved in a story, I naturally gravitate towards characters who are gentle and morally perceptive.

impressed aang

Finally, there is Aang, my favorite character in the show. I did not realize until my recent viewing of the series how much I liked him.

Dark Horse Deluxe Avatar: The Last Airbender: Aang Statue

Various x reader - Aang x bender!Reader: Guardian Angel - Wattpad

... LittleMissSquiggles LOK~Ask My Fan-Gina~In Aang's Defense Part 1 by LittleMissSquiggles

I think Aang is a great protagonist, and maybe my favorite in a Western cartoon is quiet a while. I think it's mostly because he feels like a kid.

Welcome Back Author and All-Around Geek-Girl E.M. Ervin for A2F 2018

... and I thought he was being so clever when actually he was being tricked. He should have pointed to Sokka instead. Don't assume things about opponents ...


Aang and Katara calling each other 'sweetie' gave me the oogies though.

Technically, these are four episodes, but I see them as one continuous and brilliant whole.

Do you hear that sound? That's my head hitting the desk. Granted, College Humor doesn't just pick on girls. There are comics for several stereotypes. I ...

... 5 Legend of Korra Moments That Taught Our Emotions How to Onionbend ...

Who's on First?

These two.

Expecting Someone Taller

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Finally, what I am hoping to start soon, provided I can finish my current reads quickly, is Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.

#BestNewsEver The fact that Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are in charge of this

By ...

The Insider Guide to Creating An Audience of Raving Fans


I Resemble That Remark!