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I want a real yes you are so purty and you know it cuz that you

I want a real yes you are so purty and you know it cuz that you


I want a real one of these but no one except it me knows if I'm talking about him or his signature mwahahaha

yes. they are white. would you like to know why? Rapunzel is a

Yes you can steal a person, pretty sure there's even a word for it: kidnapping

I Hate My Life

Do You Feel Like You Don't Belong Here? 4 Reasons Why It May Be a Good Thing

Thats pretty. I want someone who would know me like that. I feel like josh would. We've gotten so close. Too close?

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Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt? | Super Simple Songs

"You Are So Beautiful"... Joe Cocker - YouTube

It may seem like I hate these writers and celebrity teeth whitening pushers but I don't hate them at all. Sure a number of them are outright, ...

James Blunt - You're Beautiful Lyrics

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Lyrics - Soulful Desire (2015)

mirrormakeup Unsplash / Gustavo Spindula. If you're ...

Current research shows that some of the most commonly used and seemingly positive phrases we use with kids are actually quite destructive.

am i pretty or ugly

It can be hard to determine whether somebody likes you or not, save from the person actually telling you outright. And since nobody seems to be forthright ...

... lovely quotes that says deep and heart touching truths about love. People lack words to express how they feel about their loved ones simply because they ...

... you will taste lemons. Image titled Be Pretty Step 6

Image titled Be Pretty Step 1

Extremely Beautiful People Talk About What It's Like to Be Extremely Beautiful - VICE

How to Make a Relationship Last: 5 Secrets Backed by Research

Girl who feels like she is not good enough

Carrie Fisher 2013

Nicki Minaj's "Barbie Tingz" Lyrics Will Remind You Why She Is A Boss - HelloGiggles

This is just me, letting you know how I feel. #FridayFeeling PS:

Why we use discourse markers and filler words like 'um', 'like', 'you know' and 'er'

23 Signs you do not have ADHD

Here's a quiz: without searching the internet, can you name the source of this quote?

Maciek Jasik

The real “right person” is timeless, and right regardless. You hear it so ...

Pacific Magazine March Page 01

It's also likely to cause even the most rational, level-headed people to make really dumb decisions. Don't worry, though. Your brain is supposed to do ...

I'm a big Mexican girl w/ curly hair. cuz I don'

I judge myself a lot, because I know what I want to expect, and so that feeling of: Yes! I got this shading on point! Life is great!

Road rage, we've all been there. Someone cuts us off, the anger starts to build up, and next thing you know you're racing down the road yelling at the ...

SHEFANI❤️TRUE LOVE on Twitter: "“Lady” by Kenny Rogers is such a beautiful song 😭🤧😭 @blakeshelton it's a perfect song for you and your pretty girl ...

9:11 AM - 11 Oct 2018

Yes, you should absolutely take a day off work when you have horrible period cramps - HelloGiggles

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lol that last comment though

man stressed out, standing in front of a background of sky scrappers. Text reads

... I hope you enjoy this collection of Southern sayings. Pitching a hissy fit.

k 🌰 [h] on Twitter: "[TRANS] What's your first impression of AOA? They were so humble... and pretty of course 😊… "

"Yes, I still like to read books the old fashioned way. You

Jeff Elkins; Alexey Kurbatov and Muti

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

kourtney kardashian

Yes, ladies, let us subscribe to the standard feminine "wiles." Let us knock down any woman who is trying to knock down walls because new ways are ...

In the war between millennials and baby boomers we have forgotten about the work-hard, play-hard Generation X

Student features in the Angling Times


We talk about deep people and shallow people all the time, but what does it really mean to be deep and how can we cultivate this depth?

You are my Sunshine

Paramore: Told You So [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

Could care less. Tatiana Ayazo/Rd.com. What you ...

Amy Schumer'I Feel Pretty' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA

Contents of this Issue

Found this gem in r/MurderedByWords ...

Think before you speak. That's the best way to avoid a microaggression. Francisco Osorio/Flickr

Pairing your AirPods to your Android phone is just as easy as pairing any other Bluetooth accessory. That's because it's the exact same process. Sure, we'll ...

Yes, we do. these are so accurate but they make me laugh cause we still want boys- we just don't want real boys; we want pietro ma…

I hate people who claim disability cause they dont want to work. Yes you bipolar people ...

All the time- yes, I admit it. Sometimes I just like to listen to my ring tones, they're pretty cool

[HD Audio] Eddy Kim - You Are So Beautiful (Goblin OST Part 5) 도깨비 OST - YouTube

First of all, I applaud your ambition. Of all the interracial configurations available to you, the black woman to white man grouping is the most charged.

x < > i

8 Things You Must Know When Looking For Toronto Apartments Buying an apartment or a house ...

Just your average SoulCycle customer, according to I Feel Pretty.

Because I'm pretty sure when any homosexual person reads this meme, what they are going to immediately understand is that you care more about the reality ...

Instagram: Everything you need to know!

Sofia Carson Is Just as Excited About the Pretty Little Liars Spinoff As You

23 things you don't know about the French language until you live in France

How to Smarter: If rejection scares you because getting a “no” feels like a failure, change the goal from “getting one yes” to “getting as many no's” as ...

Yes, You Really Do Have a 'Type,' Science Says

This is one way I got this 8 ball pool hack on my personal computer and I noticed an additional important thing. You ...

I don't offer advice only my salacious experience LOL. Bonus audio versions here: http://www.devengreen.com/advice Beautiful image by ...


Ooooh, pretty. I managed to snag the Office 2007 Beta today and have been playing around with it a bit, which is to say I've been playing around with Word ...