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ArtI would ship ...

I'm shipping them bcuz I don't want Sarada to end up with Boruto. I'm shipping Sarada x Shikadai. My opinion.

Haha BoruSara confirmed Mitsuki ships Boruto and Sarada! ❤ ❤ ❤️

I'm just saying, how long until you guys think people bite their throats out like the Naruto ships? Like, maybe if there's an anime and it blows up or ...

I was all Boruto x Sarada but damn.. i didn't expect Sumire to say directly that he likes Boruto. Got me smiling right there! [P.s. I know this is old news ...

Haha BoruSara confirmed Mitsuki ships Boruto and Sarada! ❤ ❤ ❤️

Mitsuki se queda en Konoha por Boruto y quiere convertirse en un ninja para verlo

The One I Love (Inojin X Shikadai)

Boruto one-shots

SuggestionCan we get Mitsuki as an NPC in Cetus (i.imgur.com)

If Mitsuki and Sarada have a kid who is a boy, his name will be Satsuki and he will look like

Haha Even Mitsuki ships BoruSara ❤ ❤ ❤ Boruto Next Generation, Boruto

MitsuSumi | whaaaat possible ship?? I'm down

Boruto x Mitsuki 💦‼ 💫 —————————

Képtalálat a következőre: „boruto x mitsuki”

Eyo BA! How you doing? It has been 2 Weeks since I last posted a Blog. Im sorry for not posting. The problem of me not posting js because of NO IDEAS!

Be Mine (mitsuki x reader)

If you like Sasunaru ship this. And if you ship Naruhina ship this. If you ship Sasuhina ship this. Unlike Sarada where she just has some blushing scenes.

I'm a shipper fangirl. Meaning than more than being just being all crazy and creepy for male characters, I'm much more likely to have an overly-dramatic ...

Mitsuki was created as a synthetic human by Orochimaru, being cultivated from the same embryo as at least one older "Mitsuki". Just like his "brother", ...


Mitsuki x sarada #mitsusara#ship#cute

I adore this ship for many reasons! I hated NaruHina but I love this ship? Why? I'll tell you.

I'm glad to see how my husband loves our son *_*

Now we can start.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations / Mitsuki And Boruto / BoruMitsu Anime Naruto, Naruto Funny

Among the summer anime that I had gotten started on, Charlotte is probably the only one that I'm still following.

by p-ol ...


BUT YOUR HIS MOM [Izuku x Mitsuki]


Both Mitsuki and Dodo were saved by lilly and dwelled throughout their childhood within The Alicen manor. Dodo can relate to Mitsuki on many levels and they ...

This is, personally, one of my personal favorite ships to read in fanfiction. This ship. Is Soooooo Adorable. Even though this will probably (definitely) ...

I think Mitsuki's a little like Haine. You know, how she helped everyone around her despite her own problems. Mitsuki probably earns some love for that as ...

Mitsuki & Orochimaru


I know that hey Its just an anime and most characters do look alike but hey its not just any anime, its Naruto. Now here is my theory; Kawaki is someone who ...

I'm actually amazed that they still managed to put in the number 3 into the song name. Then again, it's not too hard, but still impressive!

ArtI only ship ...

Beautiful Butterfly (Boruto : Mitsuki x Chocho x Shinki)

2. Even simply being with Boruto makes Mitsuki ...

Because as much as I over-think my pairings, all of them have one very obvious and simple thing in common…

And…I'm secretly a nice girl. I'm pretty understanding about everything, but if someone messes with my favorite pairings…uh. I change a little.

Welcome to another blog! Today, I'm going to be doing the #NASRC challenge! Aka The Sensei and Student Role Swap Challenge! You basically gotta swap a ...

While fighting against Ashimaru, Team 7 forms a combat strategy; Boruto and Mitsuki use their Wind Style to send Sarada to wards Ashimaru to attack him.

"They Are destined to be FRIENDS": Uchiha Sasuke,Uzumaki Naruto - I'm sniggering just a little because for once Naruto's orange is almost decent camouflage


Boruto X mitsuki smut

Unless the moon The beloved who's name he always calls is all that matters to him, oh true love can their be anything like it?


Mitsuki chan

... s name means sunflower , as for Boruto , in mitsuki s one shot Orochimaru says that mitsuki needs to find his sun and it shows that boruto is the sun

Just had an idea to sketch Kurama with Boruto, except Kurama isn't all that intimidating to Boruto 😜 (also by mistake I gave him three whiskers instead of ...

Orochimaru's gender is still unknown but I think he is the father of mitsuki ,I really like these 2 characters ,especially orochimaru because of his great ...

Spend time thinking how Kishimoto would draw Mitsuki at age 16 (same age as naruto shippuden), so this is what i came up with

... Mitsuki is not even close to be another Sasuke. I came across an old scene of Naruto… and I can't see Boruto doing those uncool things his dad used to ...

Mitsuki chan

I'm not surprised for Mitsuki, he is not as popular as Sasuke was but he has everything for him, just being the son of Orochimaru for me is quiet badass.

[Can we talk about Sarada's face when she finds out that Sumire likes him (


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Magika Swordsman and Summoner Vol. 3: Mitsuki Mihara, MonRin: 9781626922433: Amazon.com: Books

after Orochimaru said “If you are okay with this then I have nothing more to say”. Idk but did Mitsuki want his parent to say something else?

10:24 AM - 24 Apr 2017

and TBH i think Mitsuki & Chocho r gonna end up together down the line....#MitChopic.twitter.com/Bz9DRji8gp

Show this to anyone who is in denial❗ 😂 There's no debating because this is a fact 💋

probably problematic

so we're going to see a love triangle (square, if you want to include mitsuki) going on…

Shinki still had his arms crossed when Chocho presented him the potatoes ships

So, Love Live is probably the series that I'm most comfortable with, and since Hanayo's birthday came first, she gets the first slice of the cake! …or this ...

10:24 AM - 24 Apr 2017

What is important is not the flavour, but the true essence of the potato chip

Sarada is acting like both of her parents so I can't consider her like a new “Sakura”, Mitsuki is not even close to be another Sasuke. I came across an old ...

Bonds: Boruto & Sarada

I had time to post! I recently got copic markers (I used them for

and TBH i think Mitsuki & Chocho r gonna end up together down the line....#MitChopic.twitter.com/Bz9DRji8gp

Aiko aiding



Inojin confronts Mitsuki picking up on his feelings and actions then look what follows.

Wow 🙂 . . . . . Follow @boruto.uzumak.ii 🙄♥

Itachi was a prodigy, considering `1 v 3 would be a trouble for him but In my opinion its just more likely 70% chance of winning like if you agree.

Though, I will admit that in reality someone probably wouldn't last that long in denial. Especially without ever shedding a tear.

Yume x Ranta from Grimgar would probably ...

Just. Just take a damn LOOK.

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(Btw, this counts as one of my 12 Days of Anime posts. Today's guest writer is… me. Seeing the ending of Kyoukai no Kanata drove me to write all of this ...

The first time I watched Simoun was in early 2007 when I had just gotten back into anime and it was one of my first new shows. I watched it on Crunchyroll, ...

But it seems to have angered Mitsuki enough. She breaks it up and asks whether Yuu did or did not confess her love to Haruka.

Ita such a throwback for me and ive decided to

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO edgy Hawawawawa.jpg, ...

inktober day2!! i'll probably only post the ones that came out okay

I can't handle my ships cuteness.. “I feel