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Im fine My board t Sadness Depressing and Feelings

Im fine My board t Sadness Depressing and Feelings


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I just want to be my happy go lucky self again... I've been told to get over it but it's not that easy for me. Maybe for some but not for me.

Every day of my life.

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I really don't know what it feels like to be whole ... I'm sad ...

Depression, except for our Father God. He knows everything and can help any of us if we get out of His way. That's so hard to do when we feel as if ...

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I've had this exact thought throughout my whole life. While everyone around me is taken care of, I think I was made to be on my own.

I'm trying to stay strong I'm just so damn sad.

Our feelings are deep in us. We want be "fine" or just don't have feelings but we have it. We have problems ,feeling and deep thoughts.

I completely don't know that this is a different anime or just a random artwork quote and I'm pinning it to the board that I think it belongs o because I ...

But when they do stay I feel like they're going to find out about my true thoughts, and then my anxiety kicks in.

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This is how my mother makes me feel.. She is rude and is psychotic

Social media increases loneliness, the latest study by the University of Pittsburgh found

'A suffocating feeling of dread': What it's really like to struggle with anxiety and depression. "

When I wasn't taking solace in the dulcet Irish tones of Roy

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Sad woman in the rain

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WHO SAYS THINGS DON'T CHANGE?GIVE IT A SHOT! AND SEE WHAT MAGIC IT CREATS!! Happiness will come running to hug you tight and never leave you:):)

Watercolor sketch of a crying woman eye

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Pictured (L-R): Joy, Sadness.

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everyday I put on a fake smile do my makeup. and make it look like I'm fine. ...

Loneliness is a perfectly normal feeling, but you don't have to feel this way all the time

Actress Kristen Bell attends The Bump Moms: Movers and Makers Awards at The Millwick on

TBT to millions of people bursting into tears over a CROCK-POT.

VIDEO: Leicester City chairman's helicopter crashes near stadium after game

Depression is an extremely common illness. There are approximately 350 million people living in the world today who are affected by it and it is the leading ...

Money will always come once you find your passion. I would rather work a less stressful that pays less job then a high stress job I hate.

The dream of waking up and randomly finding the source of your depression.


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Why aren't we talking about queer women's mental health issues?

It's better than laying in bed all day feeling sorry for myself that life passed me by. I'm doing something while working on my passion.

Feeling Lonely In Your Marriage? Do These 3 Things Now

Don't wait for holidays to do things you

feeling sad

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Facebook makes you unhappy and makes jealous people particularly sad, study finds

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Depression during pregnancy

15 kids books about feelings

Are you making decisions aligned with your best interests or are you simply forgoing such in order to please another you ...

It takes more than a T-shirt, mate

Portrait of Elderly man looking out window

Rachel Megan Barker on Twitter: "I wrote some thoughts on the election, and on how the national Labour leadership is pushing voters away, and letting down ...

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If this looks bleak, you'll want a SAD lamp.

The Isolation Cycle of Depression and Anxiety

Feelings and emotions

25 Creative And Surprising Things To Do

I feel angry, lonely, irritable, suicidal, worthless and hopeless. I hate my job and everything about my life. I just want to feel happy. How?

depression and unemployment

Everyone deals with these conditions differently, of course. (And you should always consult

Talking means vulnerability, and that's scary as hell. I was


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It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and the broken promises

Breakups don't just kill romance—they can disrupt nearly every area of your life. You don't feel like doing things you enjoy, you can't stop thinking about ...

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Pregnancy is meant to be an exciting, happy time. So, what happens if you don't feel that way?

Depressed man. '

November 10 ...

Crewe E&D UTC on Twitter: "It's ok not to be ok. We are here to support all our students!… "

We all know that Pinterest users don't really crave actual breathing social contact – they prefer to sit alone, waiting for death, in a room that smells of ...

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"I should have seen it coming." This is the first thing you tell yourself every time you break-up. Okay, the first thing you tell yourself is, "Do you think ...

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Successful people often shift their perspectives on things.Unsplash / Pixabay

Don't try to wake me in the morning: 36 (mostly excellent) songs to soundtrack your suicide

“And give good tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds that they will have gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow.

How do you get over your failure and anxiety

It's killing me though because now I caught feelings.

Age can leave women feeling less 'powerful'

This letter included a letter and some cute pictures. If you noticed that that top right image is blank, that is because that is something very private that ...

I'll take one depression, on the rocks

I can't sleep without smelling it and I would always wake up when it ran out on the burner, then I would have to refill.” — Wilgrace R.

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