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Image result for hartnell tardis Doctor Who Torchwood The Sarah

Image result for hartnell tardis Doctor Who Torchwood The Sarah


Image result for hARTNELL tardis | Doctor Who / Torchwood / The Sarah Jane Adventures / K-9 / Class & more | Pinterest | Tardis, William hartnell and Time ...

The First Doctor, William Hartnell.

First ever Doctor Who scene filmed fifty years ago today

Old Doctor Who - ' The Sensorites - Early

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William Hartnell was the first Doctor Who from 1963 to 1966.

2nd Doctor

The "outer space Facebook."

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton (The Second Doctor)

William Hartnell, Bbc One, First Doctor,

The Tenth Planet

Happy birthday 1st doctor.

Doctor Who! Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, William

Sarah-Jane Smith. | The Definitive Ranking Of "Doctor Who" Companions

Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor) and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)

The Crusade

The 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) -

Sarah Kingdon | Doctor Who | Pinterest | William hartnell, Torchwood and Cosplay

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'poster for the 'classic' Doctor Who story 'The Dalek's Masterplan' , based on BBC publicity images,obtained from the Doctor Who,Torchwood and Sarah Jan.

Pin by Alan Kelly on Doctor Who / Torchwood / The Sarah Jane Adventures / K-9 / Class & more | Pinterest | Tardis and Torchwood

The First Doctor breaks the fourth wall. (TV: "The Feast of Steven")


Dimensions in Time

Image result for hartnell tardis | Doctor Who | Pinterest | Tardis, Time lords and Torchwood

Every time I see this picture, I hear the opening seconds of Ebeneezer Goode. My brain makes connections in really weird ways, and once they're made they ...

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First Doctor

tardis interior william hartnell

The thirteen faces of the Doctor

The Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith

Sara Kingdom. 7th companion to William Hartnell. Played by Jean Marsh. Series 3. 3 appearances.

DWM 512

Nicholas Courtney played Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in UNIT, Doctor Who. Nicholas Courtney passed away on 22 February

Death of the Doctor

Reminiscing with the Doctor.

Doctor Who - An Adventure in Space and Time Poster.jpg


Revenge of the Cybermen

Hartnell opens hospital.jpg

Image result for hartnell tardis | Doctor Who | Pinterest | Tardis, Time lords and Torchwood

The Edge of Destruction

The Seeds of Doom

Robot Doctor

Pin by D. Reyn on Doctor Who, What, Where, and When | Pinterest | Sarah jane smith, Torchwood and Tardis

The Five Doctors

Starring Tom Baker as the Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana II and David Brierley (Filmed scenes) and John Leeson (Animated scenes) as the voice of

The Doctor, Wordls Greatest Hero

The Doctor and Donna arrive in the Shadow Proclamation.

Another interview

The Mothership William Hartnell by DJ Forrest

Memorable moment

Patrick Troughton

The Doctor

We dig deep into the Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time.

Polly Wright

The Three Doctors

Jessica Carney

Elisabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who. She is considered by many to be his finest companion

Matt Smith and David Tennant in The Day of the Doctor, the Doctor Who 50th

Doctor Who Cosplay, 4th Doctor, Doctor Who Companions, Classic Doctor Who, Adventure

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(The Sarah Silverman Program)

For the final time in Doctor Who series 10, we dig into the references and Easter eggs. This time? It's The Doctor Falls.

An Adventure in Space and Time

Peter Capaldi

Eighth Doctor


Journey's End

David Bradley

Jack Harkness

Mission to the Unknown 1965

The Sarah Jane Adventures Death of the Doctor Full Trailer

Image result for sarah jane smith end of time

Polly (Doctor Who).jpg

Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who).jpg

The Day of the Doctor

Thirteenth Doctor (Doctor Who).jpg

Over its 50 years, Doctor Who has had plenty of mortifying incidents here and there. But things could have been way, way worse. Here are 10 occasions where ...

We kick off proceedings with footage from William Hartnell's final serial The Tenth Planet, which aired from 8-29th October 1966 and was also notable for ...


... And The Doctor”, the 11th Doctor's Soothsayer costume worn by Matt Smith in the series 6 story “The Wedding of River Song” & even Rory's Roman costume!

William Hartnell

Maureen O'Brien as Vicki.jpg

Twelfth Doctor Rassilon TARDIS Sarah Jane Smith - doctor who

Fourth Doctor (Doctor Who).jpg

Steven Taylor.jpg


What's it about: Still looking for a way out of E-Space, the TARDIS crashes to Isenfel - a realm of snow and ice. Snarling beasts stalk the frozen plains, ...

First Doctor

Second Doctor

Not only is the Doctor Who Christmas special set to unveil Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor and the ...