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KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter

KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter

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KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter

KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter | Art | Pinterest | Art, Illustration and Drawings

KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter

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KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter



#art #corvoattano #dishonored #sketch #ink

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퇴근하고싶다 в Твиттере: «https://t.co/9YU70zXtuv

Coyote Ugly

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Tatiana Vetrova

KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter

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Nicha Twitter Tweet: Devilman. Fudo Akira. https://t.co


search results tweets "AU" in the

Nicha Twitter Tweet: Alucard turn to Mist~ #Castlevania https://t

Find this Pin and more on Dishonored | Dishonored 2 | Death of the Outsider by fadingmoonsheep.

KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter


... accident that killed the person you love is now the guy the government wants you to pilot a Jeager with like it's no big dealpic.twitter .com/jqxTkrjBFO

The One True Empress, Delilah Kaldwin

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KaySD (@KaySD999)

KaySD @KaySD999 ・ 19:57:21 ・ Twitter Web Client

MUSKKKKK. Bio Art ...

KaySD (@KaySD999) | Twitter. Dishonored ...

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밝은 또라이 헌터와 어두운 또라이 워록 좋아합니다 (ㅈㄴ

Сборная солянка

Céline Lys — Playing Dishonored 2 as Emily Kaldwin ? Oh yes.

9 days until Forsaken and the fandom is like,

@KaySD999 Lol. I try to predict your next move.

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Nicha Twitter Tweet: The biting mark is too attractive for me. #ResidentEvil2 #

캔달 주쇼 candal....공식에서도 후회미련눈물맛으로 로어 던져주는 그 캔달

Ночь, время властного и соблазнительного патриция.

продолжаю развлекатся с кроссовером. Это был насчастный случай в ходе жесткой битвы.

same old but with robo parts ;)

Dishonored Emily in Karnaca

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@KaySD999 I genuinely like them)))) I'm sooooo glad you like it !!!!!!!!! 😇❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤️

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We are very excited for the future and hope you are too! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming this week!pic.twitter.com/EAxSWmn2Lo

Pin by BlackSun on dishonored | Pinterest | Dragon age, Video game and Anime

Augmented Geralt because You know why.

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Hehehehehe... Clingy Corvo 💕

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Couldn't help but be inspired by it :D

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부녀가 아닌 설정으로, 불치병 걸려서 호국경직 내려놓고 고향으로 내려가는 코르보 보고싶다

@zznih it's going to take 6 months just like Coldridge Prison

Nicha Twitter Tweet: Jason Todd, favorite character in DC universe. https:/


Find this Pin and more on Dishonored | Dishonored 2 | Death of the Outsider by fadingmoonsheep.


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ХИНЗЗ (@zznih) on Twitter photo 25/03/2018 04:29

trying to practice w simple lines again. here's some old men >u>

#theoutsider #dishonored #. Art SketchesFanartDoodlesPencilFan .

... this one story when Corvo feels he can reach deep enough into the Void and tries to recreate the Heart, but he keeps failing.pic.twitter .com/KnZDP76kcA

drawing mista x gio kissing indirectly since 2016.pic.twitter.com/onUnNIS94O

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ХИНЗЗ @zznih ・ 2017/5/29 04:43:47 ・ Twitter Web Client

young overseer Daud and old heretic Corvo.

RT @kamdamila: 데스스트록

옆반 살라딘이 담임이고

Dettlaff in Cyberpunk?? Probably just the same face model.

밝은 또라이 헌터와 어두운 또라이 워록 좋아합니다 (ㅈㄴ

by Kay


회사에선 위쳐를 이어서 하고 있는데 전혀 진행이 안되고 있따.

Nicha Twitter Tweet: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle from Batman: Gotham by Gaslight https

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