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Nasty Henry Gale Lost t

Nasty Henry Gale Lost t


Nasty Henry Gale

Lost Recap: Other Women and Psycho Fake Boyfriends


Lost: Maternity Leave

10:00 -- "No matter what I do, you're gonna die, Charlie." -- Desmond, from a few weeks back. Please don't be a liar, Desmond. Please, please, please.

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Lost Recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “The Man from Tallahassee”

10:42 -- If Charlie is making a list of the five greatest moments in his life, what reason does he have to write one down every 15 minutes?

I had an idea about Rose and Bernard's backstory that was way off, as I assumed that they had met when they were in their twenties.

Overthinking Lost: Episodes 2.9-2.16

I really enjoyed Sawyer's return to form midway through this season. Sure it didn't make much sense for Sawyer to turn the entire camp against him in “The ...

Steve Harvey memo staff

Sure the former Henry Gale served as LOST's main antagonist, but in the grand scheme of things Linus was just a puppet for the ...

Daneil Dae Kim as Jin

Lost: Mario Perez

Movies to watch this week at the cinema: Midnight Special, Dheepan, Boulevard, more... | GamesRadar+

*When i first met "Henry Gale": "You just wait Holly.

"Dirty Little Secrets"

Charles Widmore: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x23/charlesWidmore.jpg

It's called "Henry Poole is Here", and it stars Luke Wilson as a sad sap whose life turns around when the face of Jesus appears on the side of his house.

Kevin McCarthy Picture


Lost in San Diego


Leap of Faith

LOST, Ben Linus

I realize now why I have been having so much trouble with women lately. Even though I find many to be quite lovely, I just can't bring myself to see past ...

Correction Appended

A critical moment.

Henry Burris

Imposter: Arts student Sophia Roessler fooled many thousands into thinking she was a misguided teen

Mary Cutler, scriptwriter for The Archers


Alfred Robinson

Watch 'Handmaid's Tale' 1st Trailer From Hulu - It's Super Creepy (Video)

Harry Fountain, Monkbarns apprentice 1920

Nicole Interviews Eva T - video [wmv] [mov]

Get Over Me Already

James Franco Accused


Henry Cavill

FOX smash hit Prison Break wasn't exactly known for its likeable characters. From the corrupt agent Mahone, to surly Officer Bellick and paedophile T-Bag; ...


This isn't the only Christopher Lambert film on this list, but it's arguably the best - and there's a strong argument for Fortress being the greatest film ...

It's Coming! It's Coming! It's In The Trees! The Official ILX *LOST - SEASON 2* Action & Adventure Thread!

... island. I'd lean towards the fact that our Doctor is in on the plot! But that's just how my ULTIMATE THEORY is shaping up. It's all a big conspiracy!

Grudge Match

Emma checks the locks on the apartment door and the windows. Henry appears, wanting to help Miss Blanchard. Emma asks why he isn't at school and then tells ...

Welcome to Beatport

How Lucille Ball Rose To Fame As An Unruly Woman In A Sexist World

"Shake with your right hand, but hold a rock in your left." Frank Underwood is back for House of Cards season four to lead the country into ruin.

Back to the bigger issue... So after Libby convinces Hurley TO DESTROY his jungle pantry o' goodies (complete with shelves(!?!?) as my friend AW noted, ...

Kathryn said: 'He told me: "I don't think I'

Henry Cavill in Immortals. Gotta watch this ASAP!

Hugh Jackman on Ivanka Trump Friendship: 'We Don't Talk Politics'

William Tanco

Creator: Robert Bloch Performer: Anthony Perkins, Henry Thomas, Vince Vaughn Defining moment: With a superimposed skull, he says, “I wouldn't hurt a fly.”

The Walking Dead Negan

Patrick Gale

Tim Robbins' directorial debut is the story of a right wing politician standing for the US senate. A satire, Roberts has the financial backing to push his ...

Moley, moley, moley. Before every season of 24 contained a 'guess the mole' plotline, we were actually stunned to find out Jack Bauer's one time lover was a ...

Supreme Court to Allow Parts of Trump Travel Ban, Will Review Entire Policy in Fall

The real Henry Gale is a black dude ...

Long sentence: Mike revealed that if he lost his tax fraud case he could face

“Funny how fussy people are about drawing, even in cartoons,” he said. “I really didn't go through any brainstorms when I created Miss Los Angeles.

Henning Mankell's Last Wallander Novel Arrives

Image may contain: 1 person, child, closeup and outdoor

10:55 -- Desmond is trying to take Charlie's place. Do not take this moment from me. I don't ask for much, brutha! Let the little hobbit die!!!

Henry Burris

Katniss Everdeen

Emerging from the Swiss Jura mountains, which in itself is the cradle of mechanical, clock like precision, the guys in Ølten follow their roots down to the ...


Laura Ingraham

Part of my schemes when I joined this blog was to post my senseless bulletins about ABC's Lost. I was going to wait until the first episode of the season ...

(Just kidding, "Lost," really)

Akinci says new talks cannot be open-ended

For old-time radio and classic TV fans, this was a godsend—because when Gale was nasty, ...

James Byrd was dragged to death behind a pickup truck. It was awful. See Long Dark Road: Bill King and Murder in Jasper, Texas.

... we can assume is where Walt is being held. After Pickett takes some blood by plunging a syringe into Michael's shoulder (and these are the “doctors” we ...

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... don't even know their gender. They speak intimately about grief, fear and love in a way that draws you into their experience and you can absorb it into ...

Michael Emerson as Ben Linus

Peeta Mellark

New Zealand tried everything they could, but were not helped by the gale which made it very hard work for the bowlers at one end.

Henry B. Walthall

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - AUGUST 31: Thierry Henry assistant manager of Belgium looks on prior

The Green Carnation Prize 2015 Longlist

Jim Parsons in "Harvey," on Broadway at Studio 54. Credit Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Raiders of the Lost Ark Steven Spielberg

Opening up: Sarah has already alluded to her difficult past on the show - revealing

I speak for every single "Lost" fan when I say this: We missed you, Rose and Bernard.