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Parte 1 Imagine Jisoo t

Parte 1 Imagine Jisoo t


( BLACKPINK ) imagine Jisoo parte 1


Jisoo narrando: Meus amigos estavam em cadeiras amarrados com panos na boca impedindo que falassem ou gritacem, seus celulares estavam em uma mesa afastada.

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BlackPink x Reader Imagines

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RoséThe soft oneShe is different when she's with you but not around the other membersCan be

PARK JISOO ❃ BTS 8th Member | 1


Jisoo Black Pink wallpaper/lockscreen

AGAIN UGH." Lisa whined. "It's too cold anyways but why do they seem to like putting us first in line to perform?" Jisoo questioned.

Like a Dream︱Jin & Jisoo

Netizens admire BLACKPINK Jisoo's pre-debut days as a legendary school uniform model

Stage Name: Jisoo (지수)

Stage Name : Jisoo ( 지수 )

Jisoo BLACKLINK | Yas thumbs up

Due to her high popularity, companies and brands are competing against each other to make her sign their contract and be their ambassadress.


New member in Blackpink Imagine Part 1/12

BLACKPINK The Sims 4 : Jisoo ('Ddu Du Ddu Du' MV Outfits) Part 3

Imagine Jimin Ep : 2 *Vampire flowe*

Part 37 SM artists, Got7 Jinyoung, Monsta X Minhyuk, Ikon & Jisoo Moments


Imagine jinsoo featured together in a magazine [fan edit] . . #bts #bangtansonyeondan #bangtanboys #blackpink #jin #jisoo #jinsoo #kimseokjin #kimjisoo ...

Full name: Park JisooHeight: 5'2Weight: 49kgEyes: naturally Caribbean light Blue

Jisoo is finally moving out, but as she is looking through her old stuff, she finds little forgotten notes sent to her by the love of her life - [Y/N].

RoséThe soft oneShe is different when she's with you but not around the other membersCan be

Kim Hanbin - Kim Jisoo 2nd Mensiversary

From the girl group Lovelyz (Baby Soul‧Yoo Jiae‧Seo Jisoo‧Lee Mijoo‧Kei‧JIN‧Ryu Sujeong‧Jung Yein), that has formed a strong fandom with their refreshing ...

... their favorite girl group to feature on several magazines. This time, only two BLACKPINK members will be gracing the cover of "CéCi." Jisoo and Rosé try ...

10 Female Idols You Would Want As Your Sister IRL

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3⊙ According to this Taehyung of BTS, Jinyoung of GOT7 and Blackpink Jisoo will be the MC in the upcoming event. I dont know when and what event ...

{Blackpink Ligações} Como Jennie Conheceu A Jisoo

the outfits dont really match, but lets just imagine that jin and jisoo were doing cf for some random photoshoot then jin wants to be a gentleman and has no ...

After work as an MC, she tries to communicate with fans by staying at the car for a few minutes. It's like a mini fanmeeting for Blinks who rarely get to ...

After work as an MC, she tries to communicate with fans by staying at the car for a few minutes. It's like a mini fanmeeting for Blinks who rarely get to ...

13 Times Park Hyung Sik And Ji Soo Stole Our Hearts In “Strong Woman Do

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180306 Rosé and Jisoo for CeCi Korea March Issue

🐰 All About JISOO 🐰 on Twitter: "[📃THREAD] 📚#JISOO's Reading List📚 #BLACKPINK #지수 #블랙핑크… "

All About JISOO 🐰

Park Chaeyoung and Kim Jisoo ❤

K-Pop Couple Fantasy: BTS' V & BLACKPINK's JiSoo. ‹

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Jisoo and Rose 🐾🐼

Irene, JiSoo, Tzuyu

BLACKPINK Shares How They Personally Feel About Potentially Entering U.S. Market

fluffy jisoo followed

Netizens have mixed reactions over BTS's Suga accidentally hitting Black Pink's Jisoo during 'Inkigayo'

Hot off the press - Part BLACKPINK at Incheon Main Custom event May 2017 (really don't like putting the date with the month first, sorry).

Beautiful part 1 💄💋 . . . . @sooyaaa__ #jichu #jisoo #

Tahiti's Jisoo unveils unsolicited messages from a sponsor broker

How cruel people can be???

Tahiti's agency says Jisoo has received more sponsor offers than what's been revealed

Seventeen Imagines - Joshua/Jisoo Hong - A Night To Remember - Part 1 - Wattpad

BLACKPINK Shares Their Thoughts On Being Recognized As A Stylish Group, Variety Shows, And

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If y'all still haven't noticed, Jisoo sacrificed a lot to be able to give the best to Blinks yet some so-called Blinks still act ungrateful and hate on ...

LISA BLACKPINK-As Your Girlfriend (imagine)

Intimate story

JINYOUNG & JISOO - 진영 지수 ( @jinyoungjisoo )

BLACKPINK for S. Cawaii (October 2017) (Part 1/2) | Blackpink - 블랙핑크 Amino

Taehyung x Lisa : We hate mainstream things PART 1

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JINYOUNG & JISOO - 진영 지수 ( @jinyoungjisoo )


Blackpink💓 . . . . [OJtag: #blackpinkology_ships [source cr @aymanbae

JINYOUNG & JISOO - 진영 지수 ( @jinyoungjisoo )

Beautiful part 2 💄💋 . . . . . @sooyaaa__ #jichu #jisoo

11:07 PM - 7 Oct 2017

Two netizens fined for spreading rumors about Seo Jisoo

Imagine Jisoo attending her movie's premier night🔥 #jennie #jisoo #lisa #rose

{Jisoo ff}Just Friends? Part 1

I look like a potato when I pout meanwhile Jisoo looks adorable asf, can'

after that rose, lisa and and jisoo joined we all bacame so close to each other, it was hard s

Stanning Jisoo is full surprises. Every appearance always left us shookt #goddessjisoo#jisoo

🐰 All About JISOO 🐰 on Twitter: "[📃THREAD] 📚#JISOO's Reading List📚 #BLACKPINK #지수 #블랙핑크… "

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JINYOUNG & JISOO - 진영 지수 ( @jinyoungjisoo )

daddysoo who're

She couldn't function properly and it was driving her insane. Diving into bed, Lisa decided to FaceTime Jisoo.

Anna Sui on

Jisoo in typical YG fashion who reminds me again of Dara:

JINYOUNG & JISOO - 진영 지수 ( @jinyoungjisoo )

by Jisoo's Cutie · [Blackpink Love Story Part 1] Jennie has a crush on Jisoo


Today's been a rough day but seeing these things soothes my heart so much. #

Imagine being as pretty as Jisoo, can't relate ~ ~ ~ Go follow

i don't pin enough blackpink bc yg is being a snake and not giving them a comeback after almost a year, but here's some jisoo to bless your feed

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JINYOUNG & JISOO - 진영 지수 ( @jinyoungjisoo )

What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us." #JISOO #BLACKPINK #지수 #블랙핑크pic.twitter.com/aK48H4WBMh