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Phoenix Build Guide DOTA 2 680 Aggressive Support Phoenix

Phoenix Build Guide DOTA 2 680 Aggressive Support Phoenix


Phoenix Build Guide DOTA 2: 6.80 Aggressive Support Phoenix

Dazzle Build Guide DOTA 2: Dazzle - Full Supporting with Purple Zapps by E1 Mariachi [7.02]

This one provides a lot more things than other deep aggressive or defensive wards and it's because of its perfect location near both mid and top T2 towers ...

Gameplay (Support Phoenix)

About Midas

Miracle- Pro Phoenix Supports Dota2 Gameplay

Bottom rune: Well this is one of the two most common spots in the game where you will need to be efficient with your sentry wards to detect more observer ...

Sniper Build Guide DOTA 2: All guns blazing with no escape, a guide to DPS Sniper

Heartstopper Aura what you didn't realize

Team Fights

SlashStrike's Guide to Ember Spirit (Revised)

Macropyre is cast, cutting off ...

Obviously, there are many other spots, e.g. uphill next to the big camps right at the beginning of the base (mid lane for Radiant, top lane for Dire) but ...

Here are some examples of my build at work to show its effectiveness:

Dota 2 Phoenix Offlane Guide By iceiceice

Hero Information

Jungle vision & block camp: 2. Jungle vision & block camp:

Very good nuke. Has huge AOE. Always max it at level 7.

Phoenix Dota 2 Pro Support By VG.Lanm

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MidOne Dota 2 [Phoenix] Mid Full Game

Basic Warding Guide

Shadow Shaman Build Guide DOTA 2: The Shades demand flesh. The simple in-depth guide to Shadow Shaman

Disruptor is anything but a flexible support: his skill build in the early game has been static for as long as he was present in the professional scene and ...

Dota 2 Shadow Demon Offlane Guide: Creating Space, Aggression (Gameplay Commentary) - YouTube


It should be pretty clear from this image why Kaolin isn't a good position 1: no matter how beefy you get the guy, he'll just never be as scary as 6-slotted ...


The most perfect matchhistory.

You should definitely check that guide out, too! NOTE: After the 6.79 patch, the medium camp closest to each lane (known as the pull camp) switched places ...

THIS GUY is called VISAGE. Did you even know his name?


"For centuries, the Sacred Order has recognized the "Flame-Touched," those men and women filled with a burning, if more than slightly mad, devotion to Sol.


Another patch has been released for Dota 2 and compared to the last one, this one is almost primarily focused on hero balance changes.

HerO's 2 Gate Stargate (vs. Protoss)

The Stages of the Game

I wrote this guide about 2 and half years ago, and it became the most popular on the site, but eventually i forgot about it, ...


Free farming skillbuild

Ability Descriptions

Observer ward spots: Dire

Welcome to yet another year of GosuGamers Awards for Dota2. Yes, it's that time of the year when we honor the players, the teams, the tournaments and the ...

Here is a table which ...

Advanced Guide #2 : How to make use of existing remnant ?

Preface: How to Eat Ass

Combos and Counters

Dota 2: How to Support Like a Professional - Guide

Support Cr1t- [EG] Tusk - Dota 2 7.10


GREAT $250 Laptop 2017 Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop • Nvidia GTX 1060 • Dota 2 Game Play

DOTA 2 - Elder Titan

You guys liked the tower range guide, so here's a warding guide I found.

Warding, Sights to Behold!

Dragon Slave is skilled second but usually maxed first. This is a magic damage nuke that goes out in a wave ahead of you which covers 1075 units and has a ...

MVP Phoenix, the on-paper worst team at the Dota 2 Shanghai Major, 4-0 the group stage


DOTA 2 - Skywrath Mage (Mid)

Ideal Partners and Enemies

GW2- The Fourth Legion [IV] - RISE LIKE A PHOENIX

Smite Build Guide: The Overarching Assault Guide (S5, Patch 5.14) :: SMITEFire

Immediately after one enemy creep died, I was lucky to levelup to level 2 and throw my Venomous Gale immediately and getting easy kill.

DOTA 2 - Alchemist (Carry)


Why Is Dota 2 The Biggest Game On Steam?

Bounty Hunter Build Guide DOTA 2: Gondar 404 - To be Bounty Hunter (6.81b Update)


As you can see, the TP Scroll is an important item in both structured games and public matchmaking, so I urge you to consider using it.

The first thing that you should notice about Phoenix is that his base stats are really low. Like super bad, awful, don't even think about low level ...

Hero Creation Contest

Psi Blades

How to win with Alchemist


4 Man Push Strats (from lv 1) (Re-UL)Guide ...


As mentioned at the start of this guide, Lycan has traditionally been laned as a jungler. Nerfs in patch 6.75 hit him hard, though, increasing the mana cost ...

Phantom Lancer Item Build 2011

Earth Spirit Build Guide DOTA 2: Settin' Stones: Offlane Guide to Winning With Earth Spirit (6.81 update!)

After the first splash, puck took damage but will still want the last hit/deny, therefore puck might rotate his movements up or down, in this case I ...

General info:

About Xin

These are some of the defensive approaches to use the fog of war, and they are quite common in high skill Dota 2 matches. Since you might have already known ...

Necrophos Build Guide DOTA 2: Cuttleboss' Guide to Being the Pope (of Pestilence) [6.86]


Badly informed team mates can sometimes misinterprit your cautious playstyle as cowardise or being too passive. You have to walk a fine line between failing ...


Managing Your Private Army Throughout the Game

As support Lina is by far the most common way to play Lina this build is primarily aimed at covering support Lina.



Offlane camp blocks. Only block the hard camp if your offlaner does not want to pull this camp himself. Most often used in a 3v1 situation.

DOTA 2 - Oracle

Credit to joshuartmas and tiny_tyke of DeviantArt for the Sven pictures!