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Planck HandWired Mechanical Keyboards t

Planck HandWired Mechanical Keyboards t


photos[photos] handwired (poorly), planck-ish (1.25 mods), shoved into a planck case with the wrong dimensions. Alps switches and keycaps from a broken old ...

photosFinished my handwired planck! (full album in comments) ...

MiTo Canvas XDA on hand-wired wooden Planck ...

First ergonomic keyboard and first hand wired build (excuse the picture quality) ...

photosAnother member of the Planck family ...

Laser Planck ...

The perfect hand-wire doesn't exi.

photos[photos] Carbon Planck ...

Wood Top Acrylic Bottom Handwired Planck with Vintage Typewriter Keycaps

help[help]Programming a hand wired board using a Teensy 2.0 Here is a picture of the nightmare.. Be nice its my first project.

Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit - Massdrop

Found enough Round 6 Leftovers for my Planck... loving the sculpted SA!

photos[photos] Planck tease ...

My daily driver Planck, and a hand wired and 3D printed Preonic I made for a friend.

Leftover Crap: Handwired Planck, DSA Dolch, Cherry MX Blues

40% Keyboards

Another planck with canvas ...

... Image

Hand wired to a Arduino Pro Micro

Hand-wired mechanical keyboard inside a 3d printed case

Got my first part(s) for my handwired planck

(note for the picture below - do the below to tighten the row wire, then also route the diode wire back under the row wire to complete a loop)

My hand wired Split Planck


cherry mx clears

Building a keyboard LIVE! Mechanical Keyboards

If you want a full-size keyboard for under $100, the Logitech G610 Orion

Building a hand wired Bantam

Homemade Planck keyboard

... enough with Rhino to get the final 'tupperware' case design finished this week I'm thinking of doing another prototype build using a Planck style case ...

Teensy 3.2 Handwired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Blue Switches [photos]

dekonnection - [photos] My new Let's Split <3 Keyboard, Arduino,

Our Favorite Mechanical Keyboards

[GB] NL–Bullet Case -- Aluminum High Profile Casing for Planck.

Massdrop x OLKB Planck Light Mechanical Keyboard

SuperSonik319 - [photos] Hand-wired Backlit Ortholinear Keyboard with a conventional Key Layout PMK G20 keycaps Gateron Clear switches LaserGist 316 ...


Planck with Granite

Handwired planck by roastpotatoes

Dang, that looks nice!

WASD Code 87-Key

YouTube Premium

plate ready

1st 3D print and 1st handwired


Split Planck

Carbon Fiber Handwired Planck Buildlog. Round-nosed pliers are your friend.

Quark Keyboard

The Planck Keyboard with Bluetooth! [Guide] and links in comments : MechanicalKeyboards

[IC] RetroBlight - Classic, now with more yellow! (Full Contour SA


xd75re xd75am xd75 Custom Mechanical Keyboard 75 keys Underglow RGB PCB GH60 60% programmed gh60

planck SA w/ vimcaps Planck Keyboard, Keys, Key

Dual piece split Planck based keyboard. Uses two Pro Micros, one on each piece, connected to each other by a two wire cable.

The work I did on the atomic keyboard gave me experience when it comes to how keyboards really work. I decided I was going to try and make my life easier.

Top to bottom: the full-size WASD Code 104-Key, the tenkeyless

Let's Split plank style keyboard - Mechanical Keyboard SG

Mini Terminal - Imgur

Don't mind the key labels in the picture above. These are the second-hand keycaps I started with. Since then I've switched to ...

The Teensy 3.0 is even faster.

Homemade Planck keyboard

Finished product, with blank PBT keycaps in Cherry profile

For Mac enthusiasts: Matias Tactile Pro

Comparison to other 40% row stagger: http://www.keyboard -layout-editor.com/#/gists/bf0a7d2a25014426dde5738f1817142f

Ortholinear Planck

WASD Code 104-Key

If you use the fancy ribbon cable it's got a full 40 pins, while your build likely only needs at most 25 pins (remember, you need 1 pin per row and 1 ...

All rows ready diodes

This is smaller than the previous mini Planck. The switches are as close together as possible without rotating them.

Finishing off with a couple of shots with both the Planck and my handwired 40%. The handwired one has SA Carbon alphas and and combination of Carbon lambdas ...

[Vendor] Planck PCBs and Atomic Hand-wiring kits are now for sale!

I believe there are different versions / takes on the Planck, some hand-wired, some PCB-based, some pre-assembled, etc. Here's a Planck with Penumbra:

... treating it as an actual keyboard (let it install drivers/click confirmation boxes) and giving it power. This shouldn't be a problem for most machines.

Connected together by some weak magnets

Black and White Planck Keyboard

Teensy 3.0. Teensy 3.0, t

Teensy 3.2 (top) with TMK based firmware


Cherry MX Browns are the most popular switches for all-around use and gaming ,

Link to firmware https://github.com/di0ib/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards /handwired/minorca RGB specific settings are in the rgb keymap.



But what if even the most high end of mechanical keyboards doesn't quench your thirst for spring-loaded perfection? In that case, the only thing left to do ...

Split keyboard

Link to firmware https://github.com/di0ib/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards /handwired/minorca RGB specific settings are in the rgb keymap.

laser cutter