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Same taeyong same my spare time lmao t Memes

Same taeyong same my spare time lmao t Memes


Same taeyong same

NCT Taeyong meme

I'm the long ass ride boy lmfao


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If this isn't the cutest photo then I don't know anymore

nct taeyong meme

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the interaction between nct and nctzens lmao #NCT #MEMES #KPOP #FUNNY

This always happens but I have my ways.... 😂 #NCT #

Same, papa Suho, same. Find this Pin and more on • my spare time lmao ...

How my aunt be holdin' her phone to take a picture lmaooo

taeyong is too cool for wink. lol

So cute Omg! ..but Ten actually looked VERY CUTE when he joined..don't worry tho his attitude is still the same as a cutie pie

floating to the next island to avoid ur bs

nct taeyong meme

same tho

Jaehyun is Doyoung's bestfriend AKA the only person keeping him sane; also a bodyguard 2. Johnny is Taeyong's personal assistant and also his only ...

U can cry in my arms for thousands of years honey

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NCT meme

When a thirsty girl on ur man and u confront her and she says that's not true.(me in actual real life doesn't have a man)😂😂

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Me and sophie lmao

[ENGSUB] NCT As Hogwarts Students - Lunch Time + The Secret Of Taeyong's Birth

I literally watched the whole this and daaamnn you hear their vocals!!! Who

... the same time. lmao I love a good wholesome yuwin meme


*googles how to be taeil and yuta at the same time* .

Im kinda hoping the lip piercing is fake but at the same time I love it lol

O B V I O U S [Lee Taeyong]

17 Children (and counting) isn't easy for taeyong

my trash nct memes

I love Taeyong so much and I still feel for him.

(credit to the owner~




F(x) Amber adopted NCT Ten

Death by jawline

I'm still waiting

... changing. ━━━━ :・゚✧*:.。.∘❀∘.。.:*✧゚・: ━━━━. TAEYONG

When your kids start acting up and your husband is away so you have to do the house chores and discipline the kids at the same time

This chapter is in honour of these memes:

My baby cute😂 he dropped his ice cream ahdkjaks . #Taeyong #LeeTaeyong #

HOW THE HELL?!? Bae 🐰 Cr.to pic owner

Kun Being Kun (NCT)

"As long as it looks good" is the anthem for chicks that wear booty shorts with uggs in the middle of winter -Coco 《10.18.2018》 .

jungwoo flirts with taeyong [we got new ship here]

This made me really happy and emotional at the same time😢 - - Tags:

This is for all writers or those who want to write.

Welcome To My World Lets Do This.

... as I don't know some of them well enough to have an opinion) and include all groups. This will go in age order, and will just be small first impressions ...

play video JAEMIN'S MAGIC HAND LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I can't wait for more smartass remarks from the new members😂 but at the same time they better treat the members well INCLUDING THE ORIGINAL

It's time for my extremely late Follow Forever. In March it was my blogs anniversary! (I cannot believe how long I've been with this blog) At the same time ...

Seriously when he said that I had to replay it like 6 times because I was

... understand why NCTZENS are always extra with their memes😂 because NCT itself loves replying to their OWN memes🤦🏻 ♀ 😂… https://t.co/pY1uLnjnCF"

Haechan owns my heart

Taeyong malfunctioning is the cutest thing ever uwu - - - - - - - Tags

M-E-M-E-S. enjoy.

Cherry bomb era️ excited for the comeback ~ #nct #nctu #nctmemes #nctdream

If your looking for me I'll be looking for winwin lines #nct #

This time I did the eenie meenie miney mo on the filters (: if someone's kunfused , basically I can never decide over the filters lmao I'm so lame, anyways, ...

... them have the same members or genres all the songs sound almost completely different from one another which is the beauty of Upic.twitter.com/1Jrcn0lawE

Taeyong's jawline could cut through steel. Or break SM's resolve to add Mark to every unit lol

a-alabama #nct #nctmemes #kpopmemes #memes #nctdreammemes #nctzen #

all rights go to original owners ...


When I saw the neck pillow I thought... oh probably cause they were

brother! taeyong

[ENG] N'-40 NCT VLOG #4 Lovely Night


2. taeyong visiting his ...

taeyong selfie

but hansol:( -

Taeyong is a son of a multimillionaire and Doyoung is his personal bodyguard. Doyoung highkey hates his job because his boss enjoys making it harder than it ...

I just don't understand why @smtown whitewash them. I mean, they look so perfect even if they ain't whitewashed. .

Here is the Jaehyun photo card from the front:

Imma just be talkin' 'bout meh bias and bias wrecker so from different KPop

lmao u are gods . #nct #nct127 #nctu #nctdream #nct2018 @nct127 @nct_dream @nct #taeil #johnny #taeyong #yuta #kun #doyoung #ten #jaehyun #winwin #jungwoo ...

Reblog. 🐬

NCT LIFE IN OSAKA - Taeyong and Yuta in the haunted house

〜My deepest thanks to everyone〜 🙏🏻✨ #NCT127inLA 🇺🇸 #NCT127_Regular_Irregular

Stfu imagine Jisung not being the maknae anymore. They will add a younger member to

I couldn't decide which one to post so I posted both 😛 • •