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Sceptile IceDragon by Nyjee FAKEMON 7 t Iniciales

Sceptile IceDragon by Nyjee FAKEMON 7 t Iniciales


Sceptile (Ice/Dragon) by Nyjee

Many of you guest right! Not a Typhlosion ♂ ... Alolan

Serperior (Ice/Poison) by Nyjee

Blaziken (Flying/Electric) by Nyjee Pokemon Games, Pokemon Fan, Pokemon Breeds

Sceptile (Ice/Dragon) by Nyjee #pokemonfusion Cool Pokemon, Pokemon Fan,

gen.3 and gen.5 starters Regional Variant by Nyjee ...

Samurott (Steel/Fighting) by Nyjee

Fakemon: Olmagon (Dragon), Stalagon (Dragon/Rock) and Cawellagon (

Treeko's evolution line Treeko, grovyle, sceptile

Platyquill, the Platypus Pokémon (Fakemon) by 50shadesofHeliolisk

Fakemon Starters by RickRichards Pokemon Fake, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Fusion, New Pokemon,

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

5,179 curtidas, 218 comentários - Villiam Boom (@villiamboom) no Instagram: “

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

For those of you who didn't guess it, ALOLAN TURTWIG!!! Grass/Dragon . . **ALL SINNOH STARTERS WILL BE DRAGON.** . . #pokemonultramoon #pokemonultrasun ...

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Crimson Charizard - Mega Charizard XY-Fusion. FAKEMON

Fakemon: Quecko (Grass) and Tozecko (Grass/Dragon).

Fakemon: Paddler (Water), Kaskombat (Water/Fighting) and Wrestlodge (

sceptile, feraligatr, charizard, pokemon

Primal form Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur. FAKEMON. Pokemon Fusion, Charizard, Pokemon

And here is the second eeveelution its called "Longeon" the "Celeastial" pokémon and the 066 of my Pokedex Type: Dragon Height: m Weight:&.

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Alolan Blaziken!! Grass/Psychic . . #pokemonultramoon #pokemonultrasun #ultrasunandmoon #

Muroom , Lemur Pokémon (Grass) by 50 sfumature di Heliolisk

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

[ALOLA FORM] Alolan Bayleef The Spike Pokémon Type: Steel Ability: Heavy Metal

Dancing Fairy Fakemon by Twime777 on DeviantArt—I had seen these on DeviantArt and am so happy someone pinned them! ^.^

OP is in the house! My man Alolan Torterra❗ ✳️DRAGON/GHOST✳

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

Next type swap! Torchic Grass . . #pokemonultramoon #pokemonultrasun #ultrasunandmoon #pokemon

Bayleef Quilava and Croconaw Alola Form by badafra.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

#artwork #pokemon #fakemon #pokemongo #pokemonalola #pokemonsunandmoon #nintendo #celebi #ultramoon #art #anime #pokemonfusion #pokefusion ...

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

224 Intelix by zerudez

Castform Sandstorm Form

Fakemon: Floatamus (Grass/Water) and Hippadrift (Grass/Water).

I started doing concept arts for all my Fakemon ❤ what do you think ? . # fakemon #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemonultramoon #pokemonultrasun #pokemonart ...

Jugglhare, Graceful Pokémon (Fire/Fairy) by 50 sfumature di Heliolisk fb

Fumeian Mienshao, the Martial Arts Pokemon [Ice/Fighting] Fumeian Mienfoo --

Quanti LIKE invece per Shulong X? #pokemon #xenoverse | Fakemon | Pinterest | Gotta catch them all, Ninja weapons and Ninja

Latios or latias?? Im with Latios because the type! #artwork #pokemon

See more 'Fakemon' images on Know Your Meme!

***NOTE: I have changed the Shiny version of Lampent. I hope

Last evolution of the grass starter ! Behold ! Mastodin !! The grass/fighting nordic elephant ! Bend the knee ! #pokemon #fakemon #starters #god #pokedex # ...

Fakemon: Waywow (Dark) and Stayetch (Dark). Cool Pokemon, First

that collar is cute on Lycanroc (I ain't kinky like that tho)

Mega Vileplume by Nyjee nyjee.deviantart.com/art/Grass-Ghost-

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

112 Vernirox by zerudez

df9d891a9a444e2ea35debe807e3b03f (1536×1536)

Gorochu #anime #type #fakemon #pokemonultramoon #pokemonultrasun #pokemon #pokeart #

Mega Milotic Concept #milotic #megamilotic #megaevolution #megapokemon #pokemon #pkm #

Emboar (Psychic/Ground) by Nyjee Pokemon Fusion, My Pokemon, Pokemon Stuff

Fakemon by zerudez on DeviantArt

4,284 curtidas, 32 comentários - Villiam Boom (@villiamboom) no Instagram: “

Pokemon Alola Forms, Pokemon Fusion, Cool Pokemon, Pokemon Fan, Pokemon Stuff, Pikachu, Ink Illustrations, Digimon, Manga Anime

In the Alola region, Mawile's docile demeanor is no longer just a facade. Because

My Complete Fakedex of all my 151 Fakemon. I decided to put it up and then put the names in as I actually come up with them. All sprites are 100% scratch.

Pokemon Fusion, Pokemon Fan, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Pokedex, Volcanoes, Nintendo, Underwater, Regional, Bead Patterns

Mega Serperior by https://villi-c.deviantart.com on @

66 Name: Securider Type: Steel/Ghost Dex Entry: this pokemon has both infrared vision and x-ray vision. It has very highly secure system. #pokemon #fakemon ...

Mega Alolan Typhlosion! by villi-c

Fakemon: Dororu (Grass) and Kyogame (Grass/Water). Pokemon Fan

Fakemon: Shellder and Slowpoke - Regional Variant by Gkenzo

MEGA BISHARP This will be the last mega evolution that i will post for now,


Nidoran Family by ajkent14z

Type Swapped Pokemon. - Album on Imgur

r/pokemon - Sceptile Fused Garchomp

Fakemon - Mega Vespiquen by badafra

Pokemon Alola Forms, Pokemon Fusion, Pokemon Sun, Cute Pokemon, Pokemon Games, Mythical Pokemon, Ice Age, Digimon, Naruto

Four heads for more problems ! What do U think about this evo ?

MEGA ELECTIVIRE by trainer_matz

Mega Kingdra by Eiddiw Fakemon Games, Best Rpg, Mega Evolution, Pokemon Fusion,

it looks like an arceus and palkia fusion ー i couldn't find the artist but if you recognize them, please dm me

bak62:Lucario by Amapolaz

003 MEGA VENUSAUR ❄ The Ice Shelf Pokémon Type - Ice / Rock Ability -

Squirtle was never an indigenous specie in the Kroel Region, but it was introduced as a pet and soon raise in popularity. However, its popularity died many ...

Grotto Getaway

Alolan Kanto starters by SonicKnight007 on DeviantArt

Necrozma x The God of Antimatter, Giratina Altered Forme, one of my fav legendary.

Nyjee 671 52 Bug,Dragon,flying eevee by Nyjee

Glycancier, The Timberwolf Pokemon On dark cold nights, when the full moon is up, Glycancier howl to lead its pack into the populated are in search of p.

Mexican Hellhounds V.2.0 от Darksilvania Cat Pokemon, Pokemon Stuff, Pokemon Fan Art

Tags: Fanart, Pokémon, Pikachu, Glaceon, Togetic, Flygon, Luvdisc,

ถูกใจ 1,049 คน, ความคิดเห็น 35 รายการ - Jess Burns (@jessjackdaw) บน Instagram: “Delibird Fakemon Evolution (Thank you all for following!)”

Mega Magnezone Mega Evolution, New Pokemon, It Works

Nympula (Fairy/Flying) by Fakemon project " ...

I design some different forms for starter pokemon,hope u like it XD evo into link Bulbasaur Type:Fire Charmander Type:Water Squirtle Type:Grass Chikorita ...

Delta Charizard by kmoua2256 | fakemon | Pinterest | Pokémon, Charizard and Pokemon fan

Aegislash - Alola Form by on DeviantArt- Pokemon Fakemon

Mega Chesnaught! by villi-c

New Pokken print for @sleeplesstotodile to bring to a convention! Who is your fav Pokemon to play as? deviantART | FurAffinity | twitter Also check out our ...

Pomplegoose (Fire/Flying) by Ronto Region (@rontoregion) Pokemon Pokedex,

The haters gonna say is fake #artwork #pokemon #fakemon #pokemongo #pokemonalola #pokemonsunandmoon #nintendo #moltres #regirock #zapdos #registeel ...