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Seiya x Nagisa Sena Love Stage t Stage

Seiya x Nagisa Sena Love Stage t Stage


Nagisa Sena

Seiya Sena

Nagisa and Seiya Sena from Love Stage!

Seiya x Nagisa Sena

And look how freaking pretty Izumi is!



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Seiya and Nagisa Sena are the best. Find this Pin and more on Love Stage!! ...

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Shogo Sena from Love Stage!

Izumi Sena from Love Stage!


Anime; Manga; Teenager

Sayaka Ohara as Nagisa Sena, Izumi and Shōgo's mother who is a popular actress.

Singer Daigo will play Shōgo Sena, Izumi's elder brother. Shōgo is the vocalist for the super popular band Crusherz, and has a serious brother complex for ...

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Sena Izumi: Izumi is an 18-year-old college student who is an anime and manga otaku, and dreams of becoming a manga artist like his idol, Miyabi Saotome.



Rei Sagara from Love Stage!

Love Stage!

Seiya SENA



Back Stage Manga Chapter 1 Cover

rei and seiya. Love Stage!!


Wallpaper and background photos of Love Stage for fans of Manga Love Stage images.

Forbidden Love a Love stage fanfiction.

Nagisa SENA

This is just one example of what amazes me. How the characters are practically the exact same thing (two different scenes, but same time or rei) Rei has ...

Izumi Sena 瀬名 泉水 Image of Izumi Sena

Manga: Love Stage!! Characters: Izumi and Ryoma, ITS GONNA BE AN

Chapter 22

Love Stage!

Kazutomi Yamamoto as Kōsuke Sotomura, Shōgo's manager.

Chapter 19

Sena Shougo: Shogo is Izumi's doting older brother. He knows how to push his younger brother's buttons, as well as how to bribe Izumi to do things by ...

Love Stage!! Favorite Scene (In my opinion)

Love Stage!!

Daisuke Hirakawa as Rei Sagara, a manager at Sena Pro.


Ichijo Ryoma from Love Stage!

Kadokawa has posted a second preview for summer's anime adaptation of Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou's Love Stage!! boys love manga. The series follows a young ...

Father Seiya (Okiayu Ryotarou) is a former stage actor now president of his own agency; mother Nagisa (Oohara Sayaka) is a successful actor and a classic ...


I knew it! His voice sounded so familiar to a character! And it's also non other than Nagisa from Free!

About Love Stage

All About Love Stage!


Izumi Sena, Love Stage! 1 solo lápiz

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A new ad has started to promote summer's anime adaptation of Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou's Love Stage!! boys love manga. The series follows a young otaku, ...



So then Shougo walks in, right? And then there's a stand off, right? So Shougo starts teasing him, right? So then they start getting dirty.....right?~

Shougo Sena: DAIGO

Nagisa Sena VA:Sayaka Ohara. “

Crush Your Innocence - Love Stage FanFiction

Love Stage!! OVA

Back Stage!!

Love Stage!! Anime's TV Ad Teases Boys-Love Premise - News - Anime News Network

Shougo SENA

Ryotaro Okiayu as Seiya Sena, Izumi and Shōgo's father who is the president of Sena Pro.

(Sub) Because I Was Able to Meet You image

Rp blog for Izumi


RockandSandra 23 4 Coloreado - Sena Izumi OuO by Okumura-Natsu

It's Carlo's World~

Photo session of the covers of the manga LOVE STAGE !!

... as a girl and ...

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I just finished watching Love Stage! and I'm convinced that Rei and Shougo are just Rei and Nagisa 10 years after free! (It doesn't help both Rei's are ...

Takuya Eguchi voices characters like William from Makai Ouji and Koga from Kuroko no Basket

I live for Shougos facial expressions 😄 Manga: Love Stage (also Back Stage)