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Sunstreaker G1 animation model transformers stuff t

Sunstreaker G1 animation model transformers stuff t


Sunstreaker - G1 animation model

Autobot Sunstreaker G1 Cartoon Artwork

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Haha. zyd0zq.jpg

Digibash from unexpectedpanda.



by Shy-Light characters Transformers Animated style; Yeap, welcome to earth Sideswipe, Bluestreak, and Sunstreaker)

Mirage - G1 animation model | cool transformers stuff | Pinterest | Transformers, Transformers g1 and Transformers autobots


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Hi. I'm better than you. Sunstreaker knows to ...

Transformers: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker DX by ZeroMayhem ...

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A more kid-friendly sociopath.

Hardhead - G1 animation model | transformers sunbow | Pinterest | Transformers g1, Transformers and Transformers toys

Autobots SUnstreaker and Sideswipe

Sideswipe & Sunstreaker G1 (tumblr)

Transformers G1 Reanimated Scene - Sunstreaker & Prowl



Sunstreaker Coming to RID Combiner Force? (Rumours/Speculation)

Transformers Generations 1 - Jet Judo scene Sideswipe VS Starscream

My Favorite G1 Transformer – Sunstreaker | #GeeksWithForks #TBT

The most terrible things the Transformers have ever done

decided to sunbow him up even more and used blue vinyl tape to tint his windows to the solid blue the cartoon used

TFCC Puch Counter Punch with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker

You always need to look your best, don't you, Sunstreaker? You're just like Knock Out! < < < < but I think sunstreaker is a LOT better than knockout

Tracks, Cliffjumper, Mirage, Sunstreaker and Ironhide Transformers Generation 1, Transformers G1,


Transformer ...

Previously Unseen G1 Cartoon Model Sheets Found | TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards

mp39 01

With Masterpiece MP-12+ Sideswipe


Transformers Animated Autobots.jpg


Transformers Masterpiece SUNSTREAKER MP-39 - Step by Step Transformation

I am head of security around—WHAT WAS THAT!? OH, DEAR GOD, THEY'RE OUT TO GET ME!!

(Original Image), NEXT >>, transformers g1 animation original cel models ...

Transformers (G1 EP02x03) - Jet Judo (Sideswipe & Starscream)

G1 Sunstreaker: Real Gone

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen SUNSTREAKER Custom Review

Ever since MP-12 Lambor was released in 2012, it's fair to say that the carbots have been a sort-of backbone for the Masterpiece line.

Transformers Masterpiece, Transformers Collection, Transformers Autobots, Transformers Optimus, Transformers Characters, Cartoon

Diaclone "Red & Police Sunstreaker" Model Kits

Transformers: The Movie traumatized a generation of kids with a string of startling deaths.

MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker Gallery Online!

Transformers character. Ironhide-animated.jpg


Transformers Lemon

Yet to be realised as a toy. Sunstreaker ...

DevastatorvsSunstreaker-ASW.jpeg. Sunstreaker ...

Time ...

I've been steadily pumping out reviews of new figures that come my way for several years now, and whilst I do try to put down my thoughts on most stuff in ...

Sunstreaker: Movie Concept by TheMinttu ...

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Aft heads: Sunstreaker & Sideswipe G1. The Lambo twins angered Ratchet for the last. Transformers ...


Problem with that image is it's done from a comic book style. It doesn't have to turn into a car in a practical way. Look at the arms and legs.

Starscream (Transformers).jpg


From toy maker Hasbro's standpoint, killing off all these characters came down to simple economics: Prime, Ratchet, Prowl, and their compatriots were all ...

Knock Out from Transformers Prime.jpg

Ironhide as a Cobra HISS tank

G1 Transformers Review: Sunstreaker Transformer

Transformers Short Stories

Been wanting to redraw the seeker twin idea for a while now #seekertwins # sunstreaker

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a ...

Roulette, Shadow Striker, Sideswipe, Trailbreaker, and Sunstreaker return to Cybertron.

Optimus Prime

Transformers Power of the Primes Starscream

Sarah j on Twitter: "My drawing of #sunstreaker from #transformers #g1 https://t.co/ZkdRX0OTgM"

Devil's Due Publishing[edit]

Sunstreaker hires scan of Instructions

Transformers Armada DVD cover art.jpg

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So, the big question is what does a carbot look like in the post MP-36 world? Sunstreaker arrives as really the purest form of answer that I could imagine, ...


Transformers News: Even more MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker Images

MP 39 Sunstreaker 085

Transformers News: New Images of MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker

Reading Time: 3 minutes Transformers Trading Card Game

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