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Susan Pevensie gauntlet quiver bow and arrows on Cosplay

Susan Pevensie gauntlet quiver bow and arrows on Cosplay


Susan Pevensie gauntlet, quiver, bow and arrows.

Susan Pevensie gauntlet, quiver, bow and arrows. ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring weapons

Oooh, here's a costume piece I haven't seen before at ALL. It's Susan's archery gauntlet/wrist guard. Notice how the daffodil motif continues even here?

I have decided to share my patterns for Susan´s Quiver and Bow, since I have noticed that all Narnian cosplayers pay little attention to these exquisite ...

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Susan's castle raid costume. on


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susan pevensie costume purple dress from Prince Caspian <-- With a wig I could easily pull this cosplay off with sissy

Weapons of Susan Pevensie given by Father Christmas - Narnia (Adventurer Dustin Holmes) Tags

Susan Pevensie Archery Dress by shinycostumes on DeviantArt

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Our 10 Favorite Fictional Archers

Our 10 Favorite Fictional Archers

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IMG_8830 (Neil Keogh Photography) Tags: film pants boots top amor bow hero scifi


Custom Susan Pevensie Inspired Dress, Narnia Costume, Celtic Elv

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Hiylienea (S.J.Aisling) Tags: fiction woman green castle girl writing book design costume

Here I am on the left, as Lucy Pevensie, and my friend, Aidan-Lalaith, is on the right as the White Witch. Since neither of us could afford anything fancy, ...


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Ta da! I think they look fantastic! The camera doesn't do them justice because of the flash. I still have to do a few touch-ups where I chipped off some of ...

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... the group reaches Aslan's camp. Aslan is revealed as a huge and noble lion who promises to help Edmund. Later, two wolves ambush Lucy and Susan.

IMG_4108 (Wanna Bee Farmer) Tags: bow target arrow archery rendezvous quiver whittingham longbow

Our 10 Favorite Fictional Archers

Susan Pevensie - Bow by crystal-studio on DeviantArt

Our 10 Favorite Fictional Archers

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Since neither of us could afford anything fancy, we raided the goodwill and came out with my costume (a plaid skirt, green sweater and cotton shirt), ...

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... I was going off of - this is from one of the Narnia behind-the-scenes books. I think I got about as close as I could get without using real feathers.

More colors. Large Costume Leather Bracer

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... into Susan and neither Lucy nor Narnia exist. Aslan chides Lucy for her self-doubt, explaining that her siblings only know of Narnia because of her.

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Lucy later attempts to return to Narnia via the wardrobe, but Professor Kirke tells her he has tried for many years, and they will probably return to Narnia ...

As Miraz and his army arrive at Aslan's How, Caspian suggests Peter and Miraz duel to the death, with the loser's army to surrender, to buy Lucy and Susan ...

Our 10 Favorite Fictional Archers

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Legend of zelda cosplay costume Green Elven tunic - Medieval tun

Bow with 3 arrows

... of Narnia” growing up, but it wasn't exactly brimming with strong female heroines. Thank heavens for Susan Pevensie and her trusty bow and arrow.

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Susan kisses Caspian, knowing they will never meet again, as Aslan told her and Peter that they will never return to Narnia. The Pevensies return to England ...

Peter & Susan's weapons (gfixler) Tags: narnia thechroniclesofnarnia thelionthewitchandthewardrobe premiere moviepremiere elcapitan

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Our 10 Favorite Fictional Archers

[Photography by Ultimate Cosplay | Roku Hebi]

[Photography by Valentin Offner]

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... Georgie Henley Lucy Pevensie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the


Meanwhile Felicity figures out that the Black Canary (though not yet named so) is following Laurel, not Oliver. Knowing this, our hero ambushes and unmasks ...

Little Witch costume for children

Disney Chronicles of Narnia Master Replicas Susan's .

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Susan Narnia Bow And Arrow

[Photography by In2thereview]

Bring Me Your Gods, I Am Your Virgin Now! ...wait. [Archive] - Online Roleplaying Forum

Peter Pevensie Lucy Pevensie Susan Pevensie Edmund Pevensie Prince Caspian, armour PNG clipart

Susan's bow, quiver and arrows from Narnia

Geena Davis Geena is another real-live archer, who even tried out for the 2000 Olympics team. She didn't make the team, but that's OK because she already ...