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T gondii parasites hunkered down in a brain cyst t

T gondii parasites hunkered down in a brain cyst t


original image. T. gondii parasites hunkered down in a brain cyst ...

Microscopic view of Toxoplasma gondii

... T. gondii. ENLARGE

original image


A dead ant clamped to the vein on the underside of a leaf. Researchers witnessed

A New Treatment for Toxoplasmosis

original image


original image

A dead carpenter ant, with fungus sprouting from its head. A parasitic fungus,

Zombie Science - Brain Parasites. Tape worms that lodge in your brain.

life cycle toxoplasma gondii

5 Diseases That Will Keep You Out Of The Water This Spring Break

When it reaches the right size and is ready to emerge, it induces the cricket to leap into water. The worm slithers out ...

Trematode parasites covering the brain of a California killifish. The trematode parasites are tiny,

To be fair, Spirometra mansoni has no desire to infect you, as humans are not the definitive host. It would much rather be left in the water to invade tiny ...


Brain eating amoebas have killed at least ten people in Pakistan since May

Fungal parasite emerging from its ant host.

Algal virus found slowing down the brains of humans

Trematode parasites (red arrows) on the brain of a mummichog (a small fish

The head of the carpenter ant becomes filled with fungal cells, which appear to affect

The work stream of Adam Voorhes and Robin Finlay

Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga is a Costa Rican parasitic wasp that terrorizes the spider Plesiometa argyra. When it's time to procreate, an adult female wasp ...

Amazing Radiolab on beneficial parasites

MRI demonstrating CSF pulsation in the brain.

Skull Brain by Emelio Garcia

No objection to anyone's sex life

How the mind processes pain

Original Nawlz Brain circa 2008.

CBC NEWS - U. researchers have determined that a parasitic fly called Apocephalus borealis is responsible for the "zombie-like" behaviour of countless honey ...

toxoplasmosis transmission

You can see the teeth developing from crown to

zombie-ant fungus parasite

Mary Carter, second-year veterinary student (bottom right), poses with her


Psilocybin Quiets Brain's Control Centers Psychedelic drugs may work by dialing down brain activity in control


Unfortunately, we are told by Michael Quinion that a longer word has popped up in the meantime. We quote, for those too lazy or busy to follow the link: ...

Love Is Not Physical Abuse

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis

Zombie Creatures: What Happens When Animals Are Possessed by a Parasitic Puppet Master? [

We don't actually control anyone with anger. When we choose to use anger it ends up controlling us.

I hate it when people judge each other because it hurts other peoples feelings. You might be judging someone you don't even know so just stop ...

Not pictured: Parasites (Gene Page - AP) ...


Body Systems: A Fun Guide for Kids, Learn about the heart, lungs,

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

SExpandSpinochordodes ...

Carpinteria Salt Marsh in Santa Barbara

Information flow in CNS v4 post book copy

Eco House Agent – Encouraging the Utilization of Eco-Friendly Homes

SExpandHeterorhabditis bacteriophora ...

... strange behaviors that make them significantly more likely to be comsumed by waterbirds, the definite host (that is, the host in which the parasite ...


Poisonous. Don't let the kids touch it. Click the pic for the

Cancer researchers claim 'extraordinary results' using T-cell therapy. 'This is unprecedented' says researcher after more than half of terminally ill blood ...

Fractals, Parasites and 3-D Reconstructions: 18 Startling Science Images

How the parasite Toxoplasma tricks rats into becoming cat food

Mosaic Tiled Hot Pot / Teapot Stand.

The bird tapeworm Schistocephalus solidus is not one to stick around in a single host for too long. As an adult, it reproduces inside of the intestines of ...

I can't believe it remix ( The Digestion Song) Travis Finlay

Heavy attack of subcutaneous hookworm Hookworms In Dogs, Itchy Legs, Allergy Treatment, Parasite


SExpandSacculina ...

Neuromania: On the limits of brain science

Zombies among us, Forget free will – parasites inside our brains, reports Jerome Burne

Zombie Science - Mind Controlling Virus Forces Parasitic Wasp To Put All Its Eggs In One Basket

SExpandLeucochloridium paradoxum is a parasitic ...

Don't give blood, grow it in a lab

Don't take any chances. Get the app Zombie Survival Guide Scanner App

The cartoon on the left shows the enamel crown


How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy .

Little Mind Benders

The 'Scope

Gibraltar Neanderthal skull

Mind-Altering Cat Poop May Be Driving You Crazy .

The other researchers say the results of the study, published in .

A Tale Of Monkey Tails, And Why Curious George Is Not A Monkey.

Costumes to make zombie Einstein proud | symmetry magazine

Check out Phil Plait and Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the last panel!

The work stream of Adam Voorhes and Robin Finlay | Brain (left and right) | Pinterest | Robins

The top image shows how the narwhal tusk is off

Cerithidea californica

On Feb. 15, the small asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass the Earth, similar to this artwork (which uses a real image of both Earth and the asteroid Matilde).


Dont Believe Anything You See In The Media Its False And Its Meant To Keep Us Blind

California killifish

Mycobacteriosis! Otherwise known as fish-handler's disease or aquarium granuloma, mycobacteriosis is one of the unspoken hazards of maintaining an aquarium.

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Left: Capuchin monkey (Cebus apella); Right: Spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi)