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WIP of my favorite scene from acowar don39t know if i should color it or

WIP of my favorite scene from acowar don39t know if i should color it or


Apologies for the crude language

high school students part 2

Acotar colouring book..ya know this beautiful scene with feyre and lucien being the best sneaky ass besties Acowar- Sarahjmaas

WIP of my favorite scene from acowar don't know if i should color it

One of my favorite scenes from a ACOMAF featured in the ACOTAR Coloring Book. Had a lot of fun coloring this. Turned out better then expected. ❤️

Rhsy and Feyre at Starfall. I love that scene so much.

Could be the end of ACOTAR *When Rhys flew away because he realized something. ACOMAF coloring book ACOWAR Sarah J. Maas Charlie Bowater

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Official pictures from A Court of Thorns And Roses Coloring Book

Eris will be high lord of Autumn and Lucien will be high lord of Day.

I really hope Lucien and Elain get together and are happy< Throne Of Glass Books

You don't need to see Rhys's face to know he's smirking A Court Of

This would be sooo cute A Court Of Wings And Ruin, A Court Of Mist

Sad to say, but Nesta is not my favorite character.

This made me laugh much harder than it should have... A Court Of

I love this because of my two favorite things in the world: ACOMAF and Supernatural.

I don't know... I think I can trust Rhys!! A court of mist and ...

HELION | Throne of glass/A Court Of Pain And Feels | Pinterest | Acomaf and Books

Feyre and Tamlin WIP by PoJainter. ACOWAR. Sarah J Maas

If they make one of the first book only I'm gonna be mad because then people who haven't read the books will be all like “Tamlin this” and “Tamlin that.

Surprisingly I am not much for coloring books and I easily bore of coloring other people's illustrations. I purchased the ACOWAR coloring book for the blank ...

See more. Feyre Archeron by dianulala. ACOWAR Sarah J Maas Mists, A Court Of Mist And

night-and-stars-eternal: “ iamthebonecarver: “ rhysand-vs-rowan: “ deziremyacotar: “ horcrux7750: “WIP of Feyre and the Suriel from ACOWAR, finally doing ...

MY PRECIOUS BABIES. The final lines are done! Expect a colour version sooooooooooooooon :) by charliebowater

A drawing I made for SJM during her ACOWAR tour in Toronto :) I had it colored but I told myself I wanted to repaint it….but that was like 2 months ago and ...

Mor and Feyre A Court Of Wings And Ruin, A Court Of Mist And Fury

I LOVE Feyre and a court of thorns and roses series! Maybe the next time I will draw the rest of Archeron sisters!

Started coloring those sketches digitally. So here's a sneak peek of my drawing of Feyre and Rhys lmao. I'm gonna wait until I finish the rest of them ...

I ship elriel I think :)

Mor and Cassian A Court Of Wings And Ruin, A Court Of Mist And Fury

I don't usually post WIPs but yeah… That feeling when you're supposed to be studying but Bayek and Senu are too distracting.

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Here's my favourite scene from #acomaf : the #shoescene (as i call it

“I am High Lady of the Night Court” - WIP I just spent way

It's so surreal to leaf through this, but I'm really, really proud to have been a part of it ❤ #ACOTAR #ACOWAR… https://t.co/b0c8sE10ia"

{ROAELIN IS MY FAVORITE SHIP} 💮 9.28.18 ♾ 146 🎨 credit to: @porcelainart_tumblr }tags{ #chaolwestfall #dorianhavilliard #aelingalathynius #manonblackbeak ...

silke-tara: “ I've been re-reading ACOWAR. This piece

Very early colour progress! THIS. SCENE. On a side note it kind of

ACOWAR spoiler!!! Amren's true form. Btw, Sarah actually said on one of her tours that Amren is a DEATH ANGEL.

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#Starfall scene from a court of thorns and roses series by @sjmaas #acotar #acomaf #feyre #Rhysand #feysand pic.twitter.com/ZRR19MMWL9

WIP of the Archeron sisters ( just Nesta and Elain still) Just finished ACOWAR and I couldn't resist myself, apparently my escaner does not think the same, ...

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The High Lords Meeting from 'A Court of Wings and Ruin'.

The Midgar motorcycle chase scene in FF7 was always one of my favourite parts of the game, I think the music + the concept of driving a motorcycle while ...

Is the author and publisher of this book really selling books with erotic/explicit content to young kids without warnings? Edit 10-23-2018.

A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN ACOWAR 2.5/5 because poor editing, f bombs, repetitiveness, unnecessary sex scenes and dangerous messages.

WIP of my favorite High Lady.

Rhysand punching Tamlin is one of my favorite things ever

Page 3 Read Pictures Pt. 12 from the story A Court of Pain and Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_ (Aelin of the Wildfire) with reads.

Eve Galathynius Vanserra ( @court_of_the_fireheart )

Well, she aint wrong. ~Divyanshi .

Here's a WIP of Azriel from my next illustration :) WITH ROUNDED EARS SO YOU DON'T ALL SHOUT.

Also see: Feyre with Ianthe -Minju • • • • #acotar #acomaf

acotar fanpage ( @rrhysfeyre )

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feyremylove: “HAVE SOME MORRIGAN + ANDROMACHE WIP. I've been working on


i actually haven't even gotten to the part when this scene happens but it

This is going to be me as a mom - Ugh I was going to post

I give to you..... the shoe scene

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The moment everything changed

EDIT 8.14.17


I can't agree more ❤ ❤ . . . #nerd #

Thank God I didn't spend money on this.

WIP of a much larger piece , I think. I hope. Thats the plan anyways! Rhys and Feyre at ya service. Still working on boys but getting better! 😥


WIP Return To the Court of Nightmares · all I can imagine Feyre saying here is “Yeah, about that deal Kier… ” and Mor and Amren are just smug as hell about ...

acotar fanpage ( @rrhysfeyre )


I really love maps and whenever I open a book and see one I just have the biggest grin on my face. They are just brilliant, the details, the effort and the ...

Feyre Archeron, High lady of the night court, from the #acotar series by

acotar fanpage ( @rrhysfeyre )

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So I've been a little busy today with this gem that finally arrived eeek

A very early WIP! Spending my Friday night trying to draw a certain someone's PERFECT BLOODY FACE.

Starfall is one of my favorite scenes from A Court of Mist and Fury, and

ACOTAR✨ ( @acotar._ )

I mean...is he wrong? 😵 . . . So I watched

I don't really know what all the other shit is. But the person is Amren. :-) I found a pretty picture and I was like woah that looks ...

me when I wake up in the morning, and don't

I dont completely believe that because recently people are getting more aware of this kind of

So I finally get myself back to drawing after I finished ACOWAR - a week ago

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Listened to my audio edition this morning. The special editions will be coming later. I will add pics when I feel like getting on the computer again.

✨Throne of glass Agree or disagree? Read it -Emilia #throneofglassbooksconfess 🎨@

plz go follow my best fucking friends in the whole wide world they're seriously

The Maasians 💟 ( @sarah.j_maasians )

acotar fanpage ( @rrhysfeyre )

Rereading some of my favorite bits of ACOMAF and quick question did EVERYONE Under the Mountain fall in love with Feyre when she did this???

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about alis and the suriel:

I'm looking forward to this movie ... but the people who made