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We love these beautiful feminists tattoos Tattoos t

We love these beautiful feminists tattoos Tattoos t


Equals sign tattoo. I actually like this...and I don't like tattoos. Except I wish it blended pink and blue to show we are all equal.

Loving this beautiful feminist tattoos.

happiness only real when shared tattoo - into the wild/on the road Cute Tattoos

24 Feminist Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Get Inked | Tatts for Cool Cats | Pinterest | Tattoos, Feminist tattoo and Symbolic tattoos

"I just got this tattoo last week and I'm obsessed

31 Ink Ideas That Empower Women | Tattoo | Pinterest | Tattoos, Feminist tattoo and Flower tattoos

7 Feminist Tattoos That Totally Get You

feminist tattoos

bluestonebabe Brooklyn, New York

Adwoa Aboah tattoo | ELLE UK

"As soon as I heard the words they resonated with me."

This message to everyone, everywhere: V! TattooLock ...

But almost as quickly as the NC tattoo phenomenon took off, it sparked a backlash, mostly from men, in the form of concern trolling.

GRL PWR Tattoo Trend

9 Feminist Tattoos You'll Want, And The Inspiring Stories Behind Them

"The hands are meant to represent us helping each other become the goddesses we

"This tattoo means a lot to me. My sister (another fucking awesome

The female symbol tattoo in these gorgeous and delicate sprigs by Michaella Schorr proves you can say anything with flowers.

"I come from a very conservative 'traditional'

37 incredibly discreet and beautiful feminist tattoos


"I got this tattoo with my sister as part of a fundraiser my tattoo

37 incredibly discreet and beautiful feminist tattoos

We he(art) this: People are getting flash tattoos to support Planned Parenthood - HelloGiggles


minimalist feminist tattoos

9 Feminist Tattoos You'll Want, And The Inspiring Stories Behind Them

Floral Female Sign

" ...

Tiny Feminist Tattoos. Share This Link

Artists have created a flash tattoo sheet displaying which designs are available for the fundraiser, from the words “Nasty Woman” to the female gender ...


2. This beautiful bouquet with an even more beautiful message:

This feminist flower.

More than 100 people waited in line at Brass Knuckle Tattoo Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota

23 Feminist Tattoos That Are Perfect For Permanently Smashing The Patriarchy

"This is probably my most favourite tattoo that I currently have. I have

Source: Women With Ink/Instagram

"I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me," said


"I got this after International Women's Day. I&#

Putting something permanent on your body is a pretty big deal, so it only makes sense to really believe in the image or the message you're proudly putting ...

Feminist tattoo

"The tattoo I doodled for myself one day when I was bored in class

Medusa tattoo by Pablo Aponte, Lowrider Tattoo Studio, Fountain Valley, USA

Fearless tattoo

"I got this burning bra tattoo about a month ago. I got it

"I've always wanted the symbol, but my tattoo artist turned it into this amazing piece."

Liesl Dittmann

Amanda Seyfried's "Minge" Tattoo With Her 'Mamma Mia' Co-Stars Actually Has Super Feminist Meaning

It's a cultural reappropriation, a feminist statement. A “me, too” of a different sort. Of all my tattoos, I've always been least willing to discuss this ...

minimalist feminist tattoos

Mandy Moore's Mt. Kilimanjaro Tattoo

This comes back to visibility for me… I didn't start really looking at my own body with love or ...

Cinnamon Rolls


This geometric beauty.

Feminist Tattoo

I started tattooing in my early 20s in a house on Capitol Hill. I had a lot of enthusiastic punk friends that were more than ...

Lucy on the left and Deborah on the right. No hiding please, we'

How to Wear

Third wave feminism tattoo

Courtesy of Dots to Lines

bluestonebabe 24k followers

girl power tattoo


minimalist feminist tattoos

23 Feminist Tattoos That Are Perfect For Permanently Smashing The Patriarchy

When did you start at Valentine's Tattoo and what is it like working there? I've been at Valentine's for over three years now. Shannon [Perry] opened the ...

Source: Carolina Gerlach

27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism – Return Of Kings