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What you wear on your feet can impact the quality and t

What you wear on your feet can impact the quality and t


What Wearing High Heels Does To Your Feet

8 tips for buying shoes that are good to your feet

Poor foot circulation is as confusing as it is uncomfortable.

How shoes affect your feet (and what to do about it)

These Are the Healthiest Shoes To Wear, According to Scientists

Have your doctor examine your feet, and take other steps, to avoid diabetes-

Woman sat on the floor massaging her aching feet

Foot and ankle surgery Find a family medicine doctor

Your clothing can make you feel powerful

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edema of leg and foot

A child's bare feet, on tiptoes

Wool socks are the only thing you should put on your feat this winter.

How Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Affect the Feet? More. man rubbing his foot. According to the American Academy of ...

Feel like someone's poking a sharp pencil into your heel? This might be what's to blame

These shoes could provide the perfect fit

Psoriatic arthritis and its inflammation can target your feet. Here are 10 ways to take care of your feet when you have psoriatic arthritis.

Toenails with common fungal infection.

If your shoe does not allow this due to a hard sole, your feet won't be able to move as well, and the soft tissues of your foot will get weaker from ...

Your clothing can make you smarter

My favorite black buckled Guess shoes on my feet in the air

A woman with bunions standing barefoot on a wooden deck.

Anthropologists estimate that humans began to wear rudimentary shoes somewhere between 26,000 and 40,000 years ago. The highly engineered shoes of today are ...

High ...

Even when you have MS, foot numbness may be caused by something else.

In fact, with their lack of arch support and cushioning, did you know that wearing flat shoes can actually damage your feet?

Cold feet in winter: Reasons and Solutions

"Running ...

I admit that I'm not the snappiest dresser. I know how to keep my clothes clean and ironed and whatnot, but I don't always know what I should wear and ...

The best way to manage your foot pain is by keeping your rheumatoid arthritis under control

My feet don't hurt so why should I switch?

Picture of a foot about to step on a pile of colourful tacks, representing the

a person on a bed

Stilettos get a bad rap for throwing your body out of alignment, but don't think that just because your shoe is flat that it's better for you.

A bunion

Allen Edmonds men's dress shoes

7 Best Mountain Bike Shoes Review What you wear on your feet can impact the quality



Foot “scanning” is mostly a gimmick.

Emma calls her shoe maths Perfect Heel Height (PHH) and uses it in her

How Fashion Affects Your Circulation. high-heels and varicose veins. Tight-fitting clothes ...

Ideally you would have a partner help you measure your foot, plot your size against the chart in our previous blog post and use that information when ...

Two runners jog up a city street

Elevate your toes: Adding a piece of gel or felt metatarsal padding will take pressure of the balls of your feet somewhat. They may make your toes feel a ...

Runner feet running on road closeup on shoe.

Now, My Husband and


Do your feet feel soggy and sloppy all the time? Does sweat ruin your shoes? Are you afraid to wear sandals or flip-flops for fear that you'll slip right ...

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I've Stopped Painting My Toes, and It's Weirdly Liberating

8 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Shoes for Running

Getty Images/iStockphoto Wearing heels all the time can really put your feet through the wringer.

Thorlo Walking Socks


The company's shearling-lined sandals are like a Teddy bear that cuddles back. They are witty, provocative, and slightly silly.

Sole Up: As with every other shoe, a good quality insole will literally add miles to your shoes. A customized one is the best choice

Is Barefoot Training Ever a Good Idea?

nike air presto mid utility black black volt dark grey 859524 003 4

Someone checking the bottom of their bare foot.

detox foot pads

You probably already know the importance of choosing the right kind of footwear for your feet. Wearing shoes that don't fit can ...

Your clothing can make you focus better

A normal foot compared to a flat foot. from www.shutterstock.com

... hips, knees, ankles and feet, while altering your posture and gait. We've done our research to help educate and convince women to take it down a notch, ...

elevate your legs

Dear Mona, How Often Should I Change My Socks?



Woman massaging feet

... your feet that suffer. Getty

Composite showing foot pain

Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

High heels causing twisted ankle

Make like a Dancer: Wedge sandals with broad straps can be helped along by wearing a ballet dancers 'toekini', an elasticated strap with holes for the toes ...

You're on your feet all day. When you come home from work, your feet are killing you. Try these tips and let us know if they help.

Clothing and textile manufacturing's environmental impact and how to shop more ethically - Science News - ABC News

Rejuvenate Your Feet with Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask. Do you ...

Once we can get our athletes to adopt a better position with their feet, a lot of the other movement problems they have will take care of themselves.

In this illustration, a foot and lower leg, with the ankle taped, is

Courtesy of Zappos