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Yamaha XT500 Cafe Racer front side photos Cool Bikes t

Yamaha XT500 Cafe Racer front side photos Cool Bikes t



Yamaha XT500 18 1480x2220 Yamaha XT500 by (H) Garage

Yamaha XT500 - “Single Naked Chick” - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes


Yamaha XT500 – “Single Naked Chick”

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1982 XT500 Enduro Motorcycle, Moto Bike, Yamaha Motor, Triumph Cafe Racer, Cafe

Yamaha XT 500 Prospekt 1986 Yamaha Motorbikes, Yamaha Bikes, Sr 500, Dirt Biking

Yamaha XT 500 Café Racer - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes

I cleaned the carb real good and put a new front tire on and rode it like that until the winter. I wanted to do a sort of cafe/tracker type bike but ...

RocketGarage Cafe Racer: Yamaha XT500 by (H) GARAGE

Yamaha XT500 Cafe Racer by SARTORIE MECCANICHE #motorcycles #caferacer #motos | caferacerpasion.com

It's a magnificent tribute for the owner to remember his father by, and a bike that would outrun most of the modern 'scramblers' filling showroom floors.

Building a cafe racer: Yamaha

12 Steps to Building a Cafe Racer

“This funky fat-tired Yamaha from looks like a bundle of fun, doesn't it? According to builders Kyle Scott and Chris Clokie, “The idea…”

All bikes like Honda CBs, the Yamaha XS and SR series and Kawasaki Zs can be improved with a standard group of upgrades, beginning with the chassis.

Yamaha XT Retro Supermoto Engine and Gas Tank

XT500 Supermoto

The 'Rogue Shadow' Yamaha XV750 from Cardsharper Customs

Remember that scene from Jurassic Park where Jeff Goldblum says “life, uh… finds a way”? His logic is simple – if something in nature has got even the most ...

Racer sur base XT500 Random Acts, Chopper Bike, Classic Motorcycle, Cafe Racers,

Isn't Yamaha's XSR range doing it well for itself? It seems like we can't go for a ride these days with seeing one, or one of their MT brethren, ...


... there really is no way of forgetting just how exhilarating and visceral the experience is, apart from maybe a bump on the head. This Yamaha XT500 ...

Yamaha scrambler customs from Auto Fabrica

Yamaha XT500 restored by North East Custom

'Typhoon' Harley Sportster Cafe Racer – Beautiful Machines

Xt 500 ju

BCR's Svelte 'Lane Splitter 54' Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer

SOLD: Honda XL600R Cafe Racer/Scrambler $1600

We've seen more cafe'd iterations of the good ol' Coffee Grinder than just about any other bike out there. Hell, if XV cafe racers ...

It's the fourth month of 2017 and we're calling it. Mash-ups. Hybrids. Cross genre. Call them what you will, but it's pretty clear to us that less and less ...

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yamaha virago 750 cafe racer by bullit custom cycles

Yamaha XT500 restored by North East Custom

If you're anything like me, moving house is right up there with wheelieing into the side of a police car or finding out your sleazy prog rock uncle now has ...

Yamaha TT500 Retromotard by Man Cave Motorcycles


Custom CRF450 Cafe Racer Moto Guzzi, Street Bikes, Cool Bikes, Yamaha Motorcycles,

Whether it's a new bike, car, house, watch or laptop – the temptation is always the same. You want the biggest and the best. You want all the options.

All these bikes will most likely have the same issues, because they were all manufactured at least 30 to 40 years ago. We're talkin' about the 70s, ...

Many of the sites that deal with cafe racer have produced a guide on how to convert your bike into a cafe racer. Accepting the proposal of collaboration ...

Return of the Cafe Racers - Cafe Contenders – Yamaha SR400 and SR500

Which one would you pick? Scrambler Custom, Custom Motorcycles, Custom Bikes, Cars

Yamaha XT500 Cafe Racer silencers

If you're new to the bike market and scratching your head at this bike, that's because the MT-03 originally came with a different powerplant to how it now ...

Yamaha XT500 restored by North East Custom

Xt 500 cafe racer

I was riding the crap out of it and I got sick of it smoking so I decided to do the top-end. I figured while I was in there I would upgrade ...

by Omega Racer

Yamaha XT Retro Supermoto

... Cafe Racer Magazine issue #19; You can actually find a bike.

Yamaha XT500 Supermoto

Seeing as most of the XT was already in boxes Andy catalogued what was present and salvageable and listed what needed replacing – he was about to be one of ...

Yamaha's XT500 was an instant sales success and it led to a full series of XT bikes. Thanks to the big thumper of an engine and the ample ground clearance, ...

Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer build

Triumph Street Scrambler

Yamaha XT500 Cafe Racer front light

After hunting around through a couple strip mall shops I finally found the owner who was gracious enough to take a few minutes to chat and move the bike ...

cafe racer seat hoop motorcyle parts LED lights cafe racer tail

my old TT500 roadracer In its latest incarnation - left-rear side 46K jpeg file ...

When I was introduced to the Cafe Racer style of motorcycles I was immediately hooked up by the concept and history behind of it as ...

Custom Yamaha Xj 900 - Grease n Gasoline

Yamaha XT500 Cafe Racer front light and shocks

Cafe Racer Honda CX500 custom

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I did some rough designs, and got some cue from the internet in doing a monocoque top design wherein the gas tank and seat are one.

2018 Yamaha Sr400

Photograph of a Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy motorcycle

Honda CX500 cafe racer custom build australia

The ...

Image ...



Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer build


IMG_0906 ...


After ...

Fade to Black / 004. VIEW BIKE

1987 Yamaha XT 500 #5

It seems to have a big fanbase and good record of production and longevity. I also like the simple mechanics and styling. My riding experience is limited to ...

... racer A nicely done SR500 special - left side 69K jpeg


Lossa Engineering custom build of a Yamaha SR500.

The low weight and nimble handling also makes it a giggle around town, although running errands and kicking over the bike every time you get on it can be a ...

samedi 8 février 2014

Yamaha SR400.jpg

Yamaha TT500 Supermoto

Yamaha SRX400 cafe racer


Yamaha SR400 cafe racer Mary Jane