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But do you have tissues and ice cream i will need buttloads of it to stay

But do you have tissues and ice cream i will need buttloads of it to stay




Would you rather be bald and live forever or be attractive and live only for a

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V x Mc story 6 || source:https://m.facebook

Sugars Lucky Ice Cream - Midorikawa Maika x Yamabuki Kyousuke

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2) You'll need to use a bigger saucepan than you thought possible or reasonable. The one on the right is the one I originally wanted to use (it's a normal " ...

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Get ❌ Struggling vs. ✅ Successful Dieters ——— There are a buttload of

Jumin best photographer

I was just there with Ann last week but you know what it's just too damn good of an ice cream.

Let's Talk About Bathrooms in Spain


It was really good but also really sweet!

@selfcare.tips_ 😂.#selfcare #selfcaretips #selflove #selfcarematters #skincare

... us that it was rude to eat and walk at the same time but Amane said it was okay as long as we don't litter. Plus, many people were doing it, too.

Banana Protein Chocolate Frosty. I can't believe how awesome of a texture of

TMHS 284: The History Of Soda: Medicine, Marketing & Moonshine. There's hardly anywhere you can ...

The proposal page 4

Today on the blog - apple blueberry (microwave) cobblers! I told you guys

🍦Ice Cream🍦⠀...⠀Anyone else mad for some ice-

I finished a buttload of wax over these two months (I've been making an effort to finish half-used things off) from a bunch of different vendors.

taro ice cream

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been out traveling a bit. From Hawaii (coming to the blog soon) to Montana, it's been a fun whirlwind.

gelato: gelato. I would ...

Get our AvoPuree to replace your mayonnaise! It's so versatile you can use them for

File Jul 15, 9 13 34 PM

I'm never one to keep up with the Jones' because let's be realistic this mama can't afford it. You'll never see me dishing about the Nordstrom Anniversary ...

Yesterday Amaya and I cleaned up the house in the morning, napped, and then decided to seize the early evening and head to the lake for some ice cream and ...

Clever Swaps - Which one of these you would do it every day!? -


The other day she challenged everyone to list their first world problems. I, of course, can't think of any original ideas, so I swiped this one from her.


I didn't want to, but I made it happen. It's the night

S E R E N D I P I T Y 💗 :: What are the chances of me biting into this divine strawberry yoghurt

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been out traveling a bit. From Hawaii (coming to the blog soon) to Montana, it's been a fun whirlwind.

image0 image1 image2

Vanilla ice cream, bananas, homemade almond toffee, whipped cream, and salted butter caramel sauce in a waffle bowl. Oh yeah! You know you want some!

I'm not sure what that picture has to do with anything either, but if you search Google for images of "What does vanilla ice cream taste like?

But you're the beautiful, wonderful kind of idiot."

Health Foods that Taste Better than Junk Foods -

Now if you've read any of my other 'recipes' you'll know this is where the hard part comes in and where you will need Jedi mind power to focus and not mess ...

... camera has a "food" setting, I present the easiest dessert ever I made over the weekend. Frozen phyllo cups, a schmear of dark chocolate cream cheese, ...

Great post on portions from @iqphysique96⠀...⠀All food contains calories

Not only is it Memorial Day weekend but today is also #NationalWineDay 🍷 celebrate both with “adult-ified” wine ice cream floats 🍨 Or if you're not a wine ...

Tiffany Kwong


Ice Cream

I may or may not have said that I would rather have a giant blintz instead of a cake at my wedding.

Day 2 – Buttloads of shopping (do not talk to me about cash machines) Lappy is now fixed! I brought him out here to finish a novel I've been working on for ...

food face plate

You can guess which one is mine (hint: the one with less green stuff). I had one all to myself, while Okaasan and Amane shared.

🍦How nice would it be to eat ice-cream again... NOT

... I really do keep all the not-too-wrinkled ones. The first thing I saw was an info card. I love info cards. They're so helpful, especially for someone as ...


phetfit - There are several things



Thursday was leftover chili with low sodium oyster crackers, parmesan cheese and a side brussels sprouts and 1/2 slice of bacon. Calories: 641

I'll believe you when I die of natural causes in my old age,

Now a long lasting ice cream which does not melt soon is available and being sold in Japan, which is scientifically proven.


Once upon a time I ate mostly fruit, did a bunch of those “cleanse” things where I mostly ate nothing but raw fruits and vegetables for five or so days, ...

It helps to have random car keys, some old batteries and a Tiffen filter, apparently. Do you have your ice cream freezer? I like the old Rival that I bought ...

I wonder who put that there

... but it flipping tastes like ice cream because word to the wise, this DOES contain sugar so when following sugar-free lifestyle it's a NoNoNo unless you ...

The best part about already having a buttload of money is that your money can make you even more money. If you're rich, you can take the cash you already ...

I think EVERYONE can benefit from these guidelines, preggo or not

There was a buttload of people there, so we waited in line for tickets. Oddly enough, while we were waiting to get in, a guy behind me goes "Ooh, are yoo ...

Everyone has a favourite face cream or treatment, but beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Older cells are constantly shed and replaced by ...

So I'd say a solid hit with the cinnamon apple sticks, a hit with the crunchy cookie butter but would probably buy Biscoff first since we like ours uber ...

Halloween may have come and gone, but you'll be thinking about a Sushi Brain all year-long.

Keep a little under half warm (I used a double boiler on very low) for pouring over the cake (this will give you a lovely, glossy finish), and cool a little ...

One of those twins was a normal kid, but ...

... would have all week. IMG_4001

Anyway, I'm going to post this now, and try to put up some pictures. Ciao! (I keep trying to talk to people in Italian…but then there are some crossovers, ...

🍔Are you used to eating past the point of fullness or feel the need to

100pcs/lot colorful 20mm crafts DIY Jewelry Making Findings

Thursday was garlic and herb tilapia and brussels sprouts with asiago and 1/2 slice bacon. Calories: 395

And suppose Mason stays on the MirrorEarth. Then Mason is the only person that's out of balance. And I can fix this if I Machree emigrates to the original ...

Use your scissors to curl the ribbon ends, and voila - you have a cheap, homemake party favor.

Yesterday Amaya and I cleaned up the house in the morning, napped, and then decided to seize the early evening and head to the lake for some ice cream and ...

Thought I would share this with everyone to give people motivation to live life Happier 💪


How to stand out in a crowded toilet tissue market: slap on Hello Kitty +

That time of year you can LITERALLY paint your face and it was just for

We can appreciate the fact that there is a robust market for oddities and curios from other lands, but we'd rather the ban stay in place for any and every ...

We got ice cream as well! I was hesitant but I got one since they did also haha.


Condiments are always fun for me to ...

iOS: Calendar apps are usually pretty boring, sticking to the time honored grid or list view to display data. That's probably the best for anyone with a lot ...

I suffered from acne for so long, but with time I learned how to control it, you can check this list of foods to avoid acne: Six Types of Food You Need ...

Casterly Rock in the season 7 tv show. Keep in mind that the books said it ...

... cream cheese, rice, smoked salmon and red tobiko. Break out a pair of chopsticks, and you can eat like a very sophisticated zombie.

But guess what, my kid has a poopy diaper YET FUCKING AGAIN (I swear, I'm never letting my kids go berry picking unless they're gonna be exclusively in ...