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Mermaid klance au Tumblr voltron has ruined me t

Mermaid klance au Tumblr voltron has ruined me t


mermaid klance au | Tumblr

mermaid klance au | Tumblr

mermaid klance au | Tumblr

mermaid klance au | Tumblr

Mermaid AU o.

mermaid klance au | Tumblr | Voltron | Pinterest | Klance, Voltron klance and Voltron memes

Couldn't resist drawing some merman lance after all the ocean world hype

parting is such sweet sorrow 🌹

“I didn't choose to love you, it just happened”

I really wanted to practice line art and some fun color pallets so here's some klance with all that in the mix for mermay

2. “

Modern Witch Au Keith by AliJArt Voltron Klance, Voltron Fanart, Voltron Ships, Form

no offense but klance as mermaids singlehandedly surpasses all other mythical au's

mermay is good cuz it gives me an additional reason to draw mer!klance

the blue mermaid [(klance) Voltron AU]

when u find out ur rival is a mermaid (Click for better quality!)

Aww the gay is pulsing in my blood Voltron Ships, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance

In addition to Siren keith, here's a mermaid Lance! I really took my time

Pinterest | Voltron klance, Klance and Voltron fanart

Just a short spoiler of what's coming . . . Credit to lance-my-dude on Tumblr . . . 《If you don't want me to repost your ideas, please DM me so I ...

ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ — Klance Snapchat AU! I tried differentiate their.

I'm returning to my long-forgotten favorite things…mermen

@squorkal (and company's) recent MerDucks AU has me reeling.

The shance fandom on tumblr is to blame for this. Shance Tarzan au. #

It's been a while since I've drawn some mermaid Klance ;) #art

The One Who Waited for Me (Klance Mermaid AU)

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this art style is 👌 ~ ☂ - - - Credit to kkhamusuta on tumblr

Mermaid Lance! Original Art done by: @elentori #pixelart #mermaid #merman

I love klance mermaid aus {credit: @ikimaru.jpg } .


I love mermaid AUs - - - - - - - ❤ pc: delicourse

Fish boyo doing 🐟 face bc he can #lancemcclain #lance #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender

Pidge is doing gods work


... Vaguely gay fanart ...

Today's Trans Boy of the Day Is: Lance from Voltron: Legendary Defender

The "There's no D in me" joke is so smooth . . . Credit

I've been working on this for like 3 weeks oh my god Mermaid Klance

source: [ lilaeleaf | tumblr] SUPPORT THE

Art by besh-drawing-stuff from Tumblr

my baby plaxum's back 💕 #voltron #plaxum #lance #plaxance #plaxangst?

lancelot (voltron) | Tumblr Fan Art, Form Voltron, Voltron Ships, Voltron

Some Voltron mermaid au... Thingy xD I really want to

Another beautiful Mermaid Lance!! - - - - - - - ❤️pc:

(2/3) Well, he set you free after all, didn'

Lance McClain is an Icon 🌿 ( @razzle.dazzling.sharpshooter )

art by iacediai on tumblr ✧ · ❀ heh guess who's going to attempt

#vld #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender #klance #laith #keith #keithkogane #spacegays #keef #lancemcclain #lanceylance #loverboylance #bi #lgbt #tumblr .


I rlly love klance mermaid AU's


uh keef, ur galra is showing ——— Since I posted this on Instagram

art by bakagi-sama on tumblr ✧ · ❀ i love klance so

Credit to this-one-guy-over-there on Tumblr . . . 《If you don't want me to repost your ideas, please DM me so I ...

Mako ( @sagaxsimon )

we could only hope ▫ [source: lightningstrikes-art | tumblr] SUPPORT

college au ▫ source: [theprojectava | tumblr] SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST ⬆

... on tumblr. I am just trying to improve on my coloring. This is not ready yet but I decided to post this now cause I am afraid of ruining it lol

doubt that Keith would say that

2. More Sidlink mermaid au!

3/4 • #voltron #voltronmemery #voltronlegendarydefender #lance #lancemcclain #lancexkeith

#voltron #voltronedit #fanart #drawing #draw #dibujos #dibujo #cartoon

[SPEEDPAINT] Klance Mermaid!AU

Soo. I've thought about this and I actually like the idea? Some

MiscatSquad ( @miscatsquad )

merman lance bc i love lance and i love mermaids also im tryna force myself out

He was staring right at me #klance #klancecomic #voltron #au #voltronau

The last time I tried to upload this, tumblr ate half of it :( Headcanon: Coran initially doesn't get along with young prince Lance; eventually they become ...

hey_there_anime_girl. hey_there_anime_girl

Have a smiley boy! • Lance for my #shanceclannadau • #lance #vld

I could read this things all day . . . Credit to incorrect-legendary-

... Woop I don't know why Keith's skin colour is weird in the first one

Full size and tumblr post here! Reblog and support~~ amazing artwork by Keyade of Keith with a 'bunnytail' and Lance getting inwardly flustered!

So there's this thing on Tumblr where you add onto a drawing with your style of

... Inktober 2018 10/06/18: Water - I wanted to do a mermaid

art by firochai on tumblr ✧ · ❀ oml this is so cute!

Our Ball of Sunshine [(Klance), (Crazy!Lance AU) Voltron fanfiction]

Why is Lance so good looking as a boy AND a girl!? It's just


what a bargain High school AU where Lance is a football player and a track star

on Tumblr . . . #keithkogane #keith #badboy #sharpshooter #lance #flexible # klance #shiro #blacklion #redlion #bluelion #greenlion #allura # voltron .

schmood ▫ source: [ @_gravastellar_ ] SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST ⬆ ▫

Klance Week Day Two - Sacrifice -- High res on my Tumblr! Please do

This is a WIP lineart of fanart I'm working on. This is inspired

LilCinnamonRollMama ( @lilcinnamonrollmama )

I had all and then most of you. Some and now none of you. Take me back to the night we met

Merman Lance!! I'm v proud of the tail tbh n I know

Got commissioned by @symphonia.mochi to draw these beautiful boiis 😭😭 the designs

mermaid klance au | Tumblr

source: [ soumadian | tumblr]