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Mollymauk kisses caleb on the forehead Critical Role 2nd

Mollymauk kisses caleb on the forehead Critical Role 2nd


mollymauk kisses caleb on the forehead · Critical role ...

Caleb Widogast

Ozzy on Twitter: "*shows up 15 minutes late with starbucks* #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt #criticalrolefanart… "

Fan art of Caleb and Frumpkin together, Frumpkin in sparrow form, by Megzilla87.


It perhaps hurts the most that this relationship has been cut short. A good portion of the Critical Role fandom is shipping Molly and Caleb as well as Yasha ...

Fan art of Caleb's dream with the Beacon, by Megzilla87.

Fan art of Caleb and Beau reconciling, by Hugo Cardenas.



To be continued…


Kiss on the Forehead pt2 by AlexielApril.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. Nerd CupcakesCritical role ...

Molly Kabadoning Caleb by Jacobtm92 ...

“He's my boy”

Fan art of Caleb casting Shield, by Tyrone Andersen.

Played by: Taliesin Jaffe

benjsketch: “ something dramatic with fjord and caleb.. frumpkin to the rescue!


He wakes up in the cellar below The Leaky Tap. Nott is next to him.

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... and Critical Role for use of these clips, and to our fantastic respective community artists for the pieces below! All content used with permission.

Played by: Marisha Ray

Played by: Travis Willingham

Fan Art Gallery: Missing Pieces | Critical Role - Casey Bieda @sketchingsprw sketchingsparrow.tumblr.com

Played by: Laura Bailey

I'm laughing at how Mollymauk slapped Caleb to break him out of a trance

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Critical Role is back and so am I! Have some Caleb and Frumpkin!

Beau, unable to understand the assailant's language, throws the grappling hook and rope around the stranger, capturing him.

Played by: Taliesin Jaffe

Played by: Ashley Johnson

the space future

Ben Masi @ A Destiny Forged zine on. 》Critical Role ...

'The Amazing Mollymauk ' Sticker by

... WIDOGAST *✧ ✨cindy ✨✧・* @ STAY ON TASK WIDOGAST @kimchidraws · Apr 16. IDK LMAO #criticalrole ...

Jennifer Mitchell hours ago And so round 2 of my project begins with Mollymauk and the Tower, representing upheaval, change, and revelation.

by @rinjirenee on tumblr · 》Critical Role ...

A cruel... but totally badass moment (WORTH IT) | Awesome | Pinterest | Critical role campaign 2, Critical role fan art and Dungeons and Dragons

Beau and Yasha Critical Role - Speedpaint

Irena and Fjord, Hupperduke at the Blushing Tankard, episode The Might Nein.

julie the SCARY WITCH 🎃 on. 》Critical Role ...

shalizeh7: “ Somehow still drawing Percy and Vex XD Please don't repost the · Critical role - percy de ...

Mollymauk and Caleb.

Critical Role. Campaign 2.

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Our fan art gallery for the week of

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – A New Summer of Adventure | Geek and Sundry Critical

Caleb - Critical Role Campaign 2 - Art by Ariana Orner

Ooh probably my fav art of Caleb!

Moonweaver “It's still far before your time, child.

ash •̀.̫•́ (@planarbindings) | Twitter

EmmaELRIGHT on Twitter: "I smiled at the little pat molly gave caleb # criticalrole

By Sam Hogg. 》

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Chris (@PurpleStylusArt) | Twitter

I had to draw Caleb and Frumpkin, especially after the last episode of Critical Role

from a shallow grave on. Critical role ...

Ash on

GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Tenuous Ties

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Matthew Mercer Photo 1 of 2

This piece of fanart ...

#CriticalRole… " Pedro R. M. Andreo (@PedroRMAndreo) | Twitter

magpiemalarkey: “ (crossposting from twitter) New Critical Role means discovering a new disaster

Big ol' kiss on the forehead 💜 . . Mollymauk- @doodncoovoo 📸-

The Witches Knot Sister's

Image result for gilmore and vax Art And Illustration, Fanart, Vox Machina, Turning

Joanna on. Critical role ...

r/criticalrole - [Spoilers A scene with Fjord, Mollymauk, and Caleb.

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》Critical ...

m High Elf Bard portrait

Tired & WonderCon E-13 on Twitter: "Finished my Mollymauk finally! :

Cary Atherton on. 》Critical Role ...

[No Spoilers] Percy's Portrait for Pillars of Eternity II, Keyleth to be Revealed Tomorrow : criticalrole

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Strange Bedfellows. 》

kidneypunches: “take my money and hold me thru the circus please!


Critical Role is Geek & Sundry's live Dungeons & Dragons show, featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and his troupe of fellow voice actors.

Manon on. Critical role ...

Post ...

Critical Role. Campaign 2. Mollymauk · 》

Time for that later. 》Critical Role ...

““Mollymauk Tealeaf, at your service” // eyes never shut Naturally my first piece for Critical Role is due to lavender tiefling, brought to you by the ...

Mr Mollymauk and Mr Caleb #criticalrole #isitthursdayyet #geekandsundry # mollymauk #calebwidogast #

Naomi on Twitter: "5 weeks later and I finally draw a decent picture of

1182 best Critical Role images on Pinterest in 2018 | Critical role campaign 2, Critical role fan art and Dungeons and Dragons


241/365 I'm so excited for Critical Role Live 🖤💜 #dailysketch

(*) #criticalrole - Twitter Search. 》

Art of Matt Collins, Mollymauk, Critical Role, wielding two scimitars

by @spring-forth-from-my-mind on tumblr · 》Critical Role ...

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“i'm happy that 🐱Frumpkin is back 💕also Caleb is definitely my fave at the moment 😭. Critical Role ...

Mollymauk, The Mighty Nein, Critical Role


Gallery: Critical Role Fan Art – Finding a Rhythm