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Why are they so cute this is my weirdest ship but i love it t

Why are they so cute this is my weirdest ship but i love it t


I stumbled across this ship when looking at FOP fanart. At first I thought it was really weird to put these two characters together, due to Vicky nearly ...

This is a real ship. I don't know who or what created this ship, but it defiantly is strange. The fact that's even stranger, is that there ...

LoL I don't ship Laxus and Cana, but Gildarts' reaction to his daughter in Laxus' arms is worth the weird ship :)

... that I find it weird and such bit still ship them like crazy... So, I presented to you ... My Top 5 weird Ship that I would love to see them sail!

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Margaery and Sansa by dimblynick

Of course to start this list off, I decided to talk about the shipping of our two main protagonists from the hit Disney film, Frozen.

Archie would later publish a Valentine's Day varient cover ...

16 signs that you're more obsessed with your top than your own life

This fandom makes the weirdest fucking textposts I've ever seen and they never fail

I don't ship Septiplier but this is so cute tho


I don't ship moxiety but this is so cute

Jacksepticeye + Markiplier. AWWWWWWWW, so cute. (Why can't that be

I don't ship septiplier and this looks like this could be a septiplier thing but it's adorable and it doesn't have to be septiplier

Blizzard Entertainment

Fill the void in your heart

That's like the Jets vs. the Sharks, the Montagues vs. the Capulets, the Xbots vs. the Sony ponies!


I don't ship but I feel like Matt would do that

But they're so cute it's illegal, the fluff is tooth-rotting… agh I love Tony. Ship name is STUCKONY! That's adorable. This should be a thing. Seriously.

10. Humans have many endearing qualities:


16 Weirdly Adorable Ways To Say 'I Love You' http://www


20+ Clever And Funny Boat Names That Made The Whole Harbor Laugh | Bored Panda

The one about the play happened to me one time but it wasn't a real ship so

Many Haikyuu ships seem to have been "swept under the rug". They've been overtaken by the popular ships. People still know they exist, but they never talk ...

The Star Wars universe is not just about lightsabers. There are also plenty of intriguing spaceships to love! Here are the 20 best.

Burnt Corn, Alabama

You're so weird. Don't change! | Quotes | Pinterest | Quotes, Words and Inspirational Quotes

15 Tokyo Cafes that are Downright Weird. Over the years, Tokyo's love ...

1. Humans need specific particle vibration in their food:

So true and to cute XD Lucy is Natsu's future... There's no room for NaLi cause' that's from the past. NALU 4 EVER.

First up, there's obviously Draco and Harry, who make up the "Drarry" ship.


#2 My Neighbors Funny Boat Name

20+ Clever And Funny Boat Names That Made The Whole Harbor Laugh Out Loud

What really happened aboard the Mary Celeste? More than a century after her crew went missing, a scenario is emerging

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The only girl on girl ship, Bendy is just adorable. To begin, these two characters have great and very believable chemistry that I would love to see ...

As you can imagine, an idea yet so simple can be very frustrating to clean up. I hated cleaning it up as a kid because I can recall it took FOREVER and ...

10 Types of Odd Friendships You're Probably Part Of

Humans love fire:

Now obviously there are plenty more ships in this show like (Tsuyu x Ochako Jirou x Momo etc) but I decided to go with 5 for today because otherwise I'll ...


Humans are space orcs /space Australia /Humans are Weird: Hunger, and having trouble deciding what to eat

... represents the last surviving of the Japanese-built "heavy cruisers"- Well, Thonburi is a coastal defense ship, but her layout and armaments are very ...

This is so damn adorable, how could you throw a can over the bridge onto a boat after looking at this? DO YOU WANT TO HURT THE BOAT?!

This sign was outside of some chiropractic-type office. The vertebrate are so happy they're smiling.

The two boys are incredibly close to each other, and sometimes fans ship them and call them 'Vmin/Taemin', the pair who doesn't know what space means.

The cutest ship of all could possibly be Luna and Ginny, and if thoughts of their marriage doesn't bring a tear to your eye then you're stone-hearted.

Doki Doki Literature Club/Team Salvato

It has been shown numerous times throughout the series that Stan and Wendy's relationship is far from plausible, let alone cute. Though they have dated in ...

This ship is so freaking cute. For them being side characters they had a pretty good development. I wanted them to be together since the chunin exams.

What More Can You Expect?

The Vampire Diaries Best Worst Couples

Hmm this might be my next profile pic... It's weird but I just

What are onomatopoeia?

This was the strangest most bizarre thing ever. Our boat journey was wicked, we were so hyped to get there!

Here are the ships that sometimes hurt to love:

Last but not least – Japan has the most vending machines of anywhere in the world. Want a hot banana drink in a can? No problem. Melon-flavoured cream soda?

This one is really weird. I looked up Shiksa….and there are several meanings and some are derogatory. What I think the label means is that this is a bar for ...

So I guess it would make sense for people to ship them, after all a person would become somewhat special to you if they helped you turn your life around ...

Every Time We Meet at the Dairy Queen, Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes: Carlton Mellick III: 9781621052210: Amazon.com: Books

Boaty McBoatface wins poll to name polar research vessel | Environment | The Guardian

Or this $52 watermelon, next to the $57 boxed candy that looks like fruit.

The most obvious ship is of course Harry and Ron, duh.

RWBY: A Baked Alaska Christmas (That sounds weird and rude, I don't want to burn to death, my mom aLREADY BAKES US ALIVE IN THE HOUSE—!)

And for One piece it's Nami i ship her with a lot of characters in OP anyways I love this ship. they are so cute

Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

... ships Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, at that point bitter rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. (The cover's joke is about a Clinton ad ...


Cute Septiplier fanart. Jack is in Undertale cosplay, and Mark is in FNAF cosplay


16 Quotes About Childhood Friendship On National Best Friends Day To Make You Want To Hug Your Literal BFF

I was looking at pictures of Flying Mint Bunny just then and found the ship Tony

Carrying the weight of a ship almost as cute as its name, it's hard to not love Bunny. Though Kenny cannot say a single comprehensible word, ...

weirdest japanese toys robotic cat

Or this $52 watermelon, next to the $57 boxed candy that looks like fruit.

“By the skin of my teeth”

OOCL Hong Kong is a monster

There are some 33 million containers in the world - we're bound to lose

#4 One Of The Best Named Boats I've Ever Seen

Daichi x Yui seems the closest thing to a canon relationship. Yui actually blushes around him like any other girl in love would do. They seem like they ...

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

15+ Hilarious Love Notes That Illustrate The Modern Relationship | Bored Panda

And then there's this plastic smile-trainer so you can have the perfect perma-smile. Better yet, there's the ass cream beside it, which, from what I can ...